What happened:

Although I had become absolutely convinced by a thorough demonstration how safe a parachute is, I experienced fear anyway.


Fear does not rule me. I do not suppress or ignore fear. The way I handle fear is by being afraid and acting anyway


      As I was waiting for the airplane to attain sufficient altitude for skydiving, a sharp prickle of fear, emanating from a wholly primal source, began to pervade my entire body. In the face of that fear, coming up automatically and with astonishing speed, I began to doubt all the rational and sensible observations I had made which had already convinced me that the equipment works, and that skydiving is really as safe as driving a car.


That doubt, coming from fear or any other upsetting emotion, is what I use to stop myself from making happen what I said is going to happen. It lends credence to a justification which makes breaking my word alright. Because we regard fear as something that we have to deal with, we do not just let it be and it becomes empowered to stop us. The appropriate way to deal with fear is to be with it, to choose to experience it, and to be afraid. You let fear be and it lets you be. In the context of skydiving, you are afraid and you jump. Fear goeswith skydiving.