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Werner Erhard with Laurence Platt
8:42pm Saturday July 24, 2010
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A friend of Werner Erhard shares light from Werner's work

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Laurence Platt conversations with, encounters with, experiences of, questions for, visits with Werner Erhard
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Werner Erhard
The body of work on this website is my expression of acknowledgement of Werner Erhard who introduced me to transformation.

This collection of my essays shouldn't be construed simply as a compendium of my writings, observations, and commentaries. In fact, if that's how they do play to you, then I would have failed in my intention to make them available.

Rather, what I have in mind is to engage with you in conversations for transformation such that in the reading of each one, you have an experience of a way of being transformed just by allowing their words to ripple through the oceans of your listening. My intention is to leave you with an experience of transformation rather than to merely impart new information.

Ever since I was born I've been aware my true nature is transformation. When I met Werner in 1978, his friendship and education enabled me to eventually marshal my language to express transformation in my day to day conversations and inspired me to write some of them down.

I've also engaged in the discipline of writing computer software since 1970.

The intersection of these two enduring platforms of my life has resulted in this internet series of essays:

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Thank You for Your Listening.
Thank You for Your Relationship with Werner.
Napa Valley, California, USA
Sunday August 17, 2003

Laurence Platt
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