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Can You Get It And Keep It Forever?

San Ramon, California, USA

July 10, 2001

This essay, Can You Get It And Keep It Forever?, is the companion piece to When You Get It You Get It, When You Don't You Don't.

A participant in one of Werner's seminars shared with me during the weekend she wasn't getting it.

"Good!" I said to her. "You probably aren't. And if what you're getting is you're not getting it, then that's what you're getting, so you're getting it. Do you get that?".

And she had a breakthrough right there ...

When you get it you get it. When you don't get it you don't get it. And as soon as you get you don't get it, you got it again.

It's very Zen. It's very beautiful. And it will drive you crazy if you try to figure it out.

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