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Commitment To Self

Napa Valley, California, USA

March 4, 2006

This essay, Commitment To Self, is the fourth in a octology on Commitment: It is also the first in a septology on Self: It is also the prequel to Presence Of Self.

It conceived at the same time as Disengagement.

Commitment to Self isn't for the faint hearted. It's a life of distinction. It's an ongoing willingness to continually step into  the space of who you really are as opposed to who you think you are, who you're thrown to be, who you'd like to be. It's not these distinctions that provide access to Self. It's Self who distinguishes, and Self is who you are. By distinguishing who you aren't, who you are comes into play.

It's very Zen. It's very beautiful. And it will drive you crazy if you try to figure it out.

Commitment to Self requires being willing to entertain the possibility that ultimately there's nothing personal  about Self. That's not what you learned in school. Being committed to Self isn't being committed to my  self or to your  self. It's being committed to who people really are. Who you really are, Self, human being, has been around and has been turning out for millennia. There's really nothing personal about it. It's nothing you did. You didn't cause it. You inherited Self simply by being born.

Being committed to Self won't fix you nor will it make you a better person. You won't get more dates because of it. It won't make you right or even believable. It won't make things go easier.

And ... it may.

You and I have access to Self directly through experience. That's where Self shows up. You can't get it as a mind or as an identity. You can however, get it as the observer, as the observer of distinguishing, as the distinguisher of distinctions, as the space in which the distinguisher of distinctions shows up.

To be committed to this space is to stand for this space as a possibility for being for human being not just for yourself (because it isn't personal) but for all human beings. It's being rigorously in recreating Self even when the possibility of being Self is shot through with our addiction to lending credence to our circumstances as the source of our lives and of the quality of our lives. It's being rigorously in recreating Self as all that's required  for full, whole, complete, inspired lives.

I got that in my late teens. It became clear to me even way back then. But it wasn't until many years later, much much later  listening to Werner Erhard speaking for the first time that I got the vehicle for bringing forth Self  into the world, sharing Self, making Self available to people is languaging. I'm clear my own method - writing these Conversations For Transformation - is really just an approximation to the real thing which is live spoken out loud conversations mano a mano, face to face, tête à tête  between real live human beings.

Commitment to Self is brought forth, is spoken by Self as Source  in the face all stories to the contrary, in the face of all stories that human beings are their story. Even during our chattering stories and our failing attempts to blame our stories for our lives and for the quality of our lives, Self is there - as the space, as the observer, as the distinguisher, as the fulfilled enjoyer, as Source. With Self it's OK the way it is because this is the way it is and it's never not the way it is. If that's not clear, if you don't get it, try on this question Werner poses: "How can the light be off when it's on?".

Being committed to Self, being committed to stand  for Self, is being up to something in the world. Commitment to Self is being up to something with people for the future.

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