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Conversations For Transformation

Sailing On San Francisco Bay, California, USA

September 17, 2004

This essay, Conversations For Transformation, is a book review of Werner's only authorized biography Werner Erhard, The Transformation of a Man - The Founding of est  by Professor William Warren "Bill" Bartley III. The review first appeared on on Friday September 17, 2004.

It is also the first in a group of seven Reviews: I am indebted to Bill Bartley who inspired this conversation.

Werner Erhard,
 The Transformation of a Man, The Founding of est,
 A biography by W W Bartley III
 - Clarkson N Potter 1978
 - ISBN 0517535025 - © William Warren "Bill" Bartley III
 - Photography by Lyn Malone
Werner Erhard
The Transformation of a Man
The Founding of est
A biography by W W Bartley III
You won't get transformed reading this book. The way you get transformed is by participating in Werner's programs and by speaking and listening transformation in face to face conversations with people. That is why, for the most part, Werner's work has never been widely distributed in books, films, video and audio tape, or other media. Transformation isn't gotten that way. Transformation is being in conversations for transformation.

Having said that, this book is remarkable on two fronts.

In the first instance, this very human story of how Werner's life headed inexorably from birth toward that fateful moment out of time on the Golden Gate Bridge when he experienced transformation for the first time makes for riveting reading.

In the second instance, Bill Bartley has provided intersecting chapters giving the essence of the various disciplines Werner immersed himself in before he experienced transformation and then created the est  Training out of his own authentic experience of who he really is. Each one of these intersections alone is worth the price of the book itself. They are masterfully crafted gems, distilling the very essence of each discipline in very few words - a difficult task for most writers in this genre, yet one in which Bill Bartley succeeds brilliantly.

The book ends after the creation of the est  Training and doesn't cover subsequent iterations of Werner's work like the Landmark Forum.

The sense of transformation which pervades this book (which you will want to read again and again and again) is palpable to the point where if you have ever wondered what transformation is, in reading this book you'll almost be able to taste it.

Read this book.

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