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Don't Believe Anything You Hear In Here

Naples, Florida, USA

December 23, 2002

This essay, Don't Believe Anything You Hear In Here, is the companion piece to It Works Better As A Possibility.

You're transformed. You got it. And then in spite of what you know, you made it mean something.

If you listen to our conversations carefully, you start to notice that inevitably we try to make everything mean something. We even try to figure out formulae for living successfully.

The truth believed is a lie.

You don't believe in a screwdriver. If you need one, you pick one up and you use it. And if it breaks you get another one.

Werner Erhard said it best. I watched and listened as a man said to him "Werner, this work is so great! Today I disappeared two beliefs that I discovered I've been unconsciously living out of.".

Without missing a beat, Werner responded "Yes, and as far as I can tell, you've only added one more.".

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