Conversations For Transformation: Essays Inspired By The Ideas Of Werner Erhard

Conversations For Transformation

Essays By Laurence Platt

Inspired By The Ideas Of Werner Erhard

And More

Experiences Of A Friend

  1. Stepping Back
  2. At Home As Self
  3. Empty Windows
  4. Futile Like A Freedom
  5. Shut Up And Do What You're Doing
  6. Werner As Intention
  7. Who He Is For Himself
  8. Source Quote
  9. Puzzle Solved, Mind Unraveled
  10. Eye To Eye
  11. Mystical Connection II
  12. Relentless
  13. Being Around Werner
  14. Being Always In Action: A Possibility
  15. Shaken Up And Teary
  16. On Being Sad
  17. The Complete Presentation
  18. Force Of Nature
  19. Everyone's In Love With Everyone
  20. I'm Old School
  21. Werner At The Speed Of Choice
  22. I Get Who You Are From What They Do
  23. The Significance - Not What Happened
  24. You Know I Love You - And I Know You Love Me
  25. Speaking To People's Relationship With Werner
  26. A Master At Being (And Having People Be)
  27. Werner As Source
  28. A Man Who's All There
  29. My Heart And You
  30. Mind Control
  31. Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again
  32. Unwavering
  33. The Leadership Course III: Pillar Of The Community
  34. American Genius
  35. Legacy II

  36. Friend, Partner, And Ally
  37. Go To The Beach
  38. Proof Of Life
  39. Going Out Like A Supernova
  40. Evidence Of Source
  41. On Knowing When To Be Ordinary
  42. Relationships: They Start, They End
  43. Letting Be
  44. Transforming The Untransformable
  45. There's Always The Next Piece
  46. Plastic Chandelier II
  47. Yes You Really Are That Big
  48. A Way With Words
  49. The Quietest Mind
  50. Approaching Integrity
  51. Dancing With Life II
  52. Staying In Integrity
  53. Ordinary People Star, Extraordinary People Recreate Themselves
  54. Committed Existence
  55. When You're Being Like Werner, You're Not Being Like Werner
  56. "There's Life Happening Where You Are"
  57. At The Level Of Self-Expression
  58. Wonderful With People

    in that order.

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