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Gaping Holes

Jamestown, Tuolumne County, California, USA

March 25, 2006

This essay, Gaping Holes, is the companion piece to Clearing.

Who I really  am is an opening for something to show up, a clearing in which the events of my life occur.

That's not just poetic analogy. If you stop and look  (you can't think  this out) you'll get it.

We're openings, clearings.

Gaping holes.

When I say "stop and look" I'm not suggesting you look with your eyes. Indeed, looking with our eyes is what you and I ordinarily  think of as looking. However in the interests of generating a new, clear experience of what I mean by "stop and look", it's fraught with too much familiarity.

Try this on for size. I'm suggesting you'll get the opening, the clearing you are directly, immediately, and intimately if you look with your ear.

Human being is an opening, a clearing in which Life occurs. That's You and I. We're openings, gaping holes in which Life occurs, so we're the same. And we have points of view of the clearing, so we're different.

The power of love for gaping holes starts with the willingness to give space to points of view, coming from the one clearing for Life. The pitfall is positionality.

That's what's so. But knowing it doesn't buy you or me anything. It won't eliminate what's there for you to do. You can't use it to avoid what's there for you to be responsible for. Worse, even as I speak this it becomes an interpretation, a belief. And the truth believed, as Werner says, is a lie.

To be a gaping hole, gape  so something can show up. Be an opening. Be a clearing for Life. That's who you really  are. And notice you're skewed to believe  it.

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