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Werner Erhard
The body of work on this website is my expression of acknowledgement of Werner Erhard who introduced me to transformation.

This collection of my essays shouldn't be construed simply as a compendium of my writings, observations, and commentaries. In fact, if that's how they do play to you, then I would have failed in my intention to make them available.

Rather, what I have in mind is to engage with you in conversations for transformation such that in the reading of each one, you have an experience of a way of being transformed just by allowing their words to ripple through the oceans of your listening. My intention is to leave you with an experience of transformation rather than to merely impart new information.

Ever since I was born I've been aware my true nature is transformation. When I met Werner in 1978, his friendship and education enabled me to eventually marshal my language to express transformation in my day to day conversations and inspired me to write some of them down.

I've also engaged in the discipline of writing computer software since 1970.

The intersection of these two enduring platforms of my life has resulted in this internet series of essays:
  1. Keeping Your Word Means Making Happen What You Said Is Going To Happen
  2. Commitment And The Willingness To Have It All Work Out For Everyone
  3. Keeping Your Word Is A Black And White Issue
  4. Packing My Own Parachute
  5. Fear
  6. Commitment Creates The Space For Keeping Your Word To Happen
  7. Skydiving
  8. Workability
  9. Participation
  11. Mirror Work
  12. Showing Up
  13. Look Who's Laughing Now ...
  14. Communication
  15. Power And Completion
  16. Who I Am
  17. 2001 - A Week Before
  18. We Are The Word
  19. The Final Frontier: "Why?"
  20. The Heart Of Werner's Work
  21. The Lightning Bolt
  22. Sailing
  23. Can You Get It And Keep It Forever?
  24. Sleep After Transformation
  25. September 11, 2001
  26. Transformation
  27. What Happened As Distinct From The Story About What Happened
  28. Sleep After Transformation II
  29. Being Upset: This Side Of A Breakthrough
  30. Nothing
  31. The Value In Afghanistan
  32. 2001 - One Year Later
  33. Last Word
  34. 100%: A New Paradigm For Relationship
  35. It Doesn't Mean Anything!
  36. Imagine
  37. Who Are You As Family? Or: Is Your Word Your Bond?
  38. Nelson Mandela And Transformation
  39. The Storyless You
  40. Transformation And The New Nuclear Threat
  41. Getting Over The Block To Sharing Over Which You Will Never Get
  42. You Are A Machine
  43. The Fundamental Inauthenticities In My Life: The Possibility Of Being Charismatic
  44. The Way Of Transformation
  45. Distinguishing Definition? Or Defining Distinction?
  46. Transformation And Medication
  47. A Rose By Any Other Name
  48. Blueprint For Success
  49. Don't Believe Anything You Hear In Here
  50. The Cult Of Transformation?
  51. There's Nothing To Get And There's Nothing To Fix
  52. September 11, 2001 - One Year After
  53. Nothing But The Truth
  54. A Revolutionary Notion: Accessing Possibility From Complaint
  55. If I'm Perfect Just The Way I Am Then Why Don't I Feel Great?
  56. I Speak Therefore I Am
  57. Sleep After Transformation III
  58. Sheikh Noorul Mubeen
  59. Alexandra
  60. Laurence Platt Autobiography
  61. The Original Jeffrey's Bay
  62. The Myth That Life Is ... Er ... Hard
  63. The Humanitarian Of The Year
  64. Tyranny Of The Mind
  65. High Class Zen
  66. Vast
  67. Getting It - The Big "IT"
  68. Runaway Train
  69. Big Enrollment
  70. The Passion Of The Transformation
  71. Money And Us
  72. If That's What You Got
  73. The Whole Truth
  74. Not Writing: Koans In The Key Of B-Major
  75. Snake
  76. Zen And Werner's Work
  77. Chess
  78. No Greater Love
  79. Nepenthe
  80. Hello Henry Miller
  81. Fahrenheit In A Celsius World
  82. Poet Laureate
  83. Essays - One Year Later: Critical Mass
  84. It's OK The Way It Is
  85. People Make Up The Darndest Things
  86. Context Is Decisive
  87. Conversations For Transformation
  88. False Bottom
  89. Vindication
  90. Source
  91. What Happened Is Not A Problem
  92. The Friends Of The Landmark Forum In South Africa
  93. Transformed Friendship
  94. But And And
  95. Speaking Of Freedom
  96. Lighten Up!
  97. Joshua Is Doing Nothing
  98. A Paradigm For Nothing
  99. Nothing We Can Achieve
  100. Fight, Flee, Or Face Up (The Train Is In The Station)
  101. In The Face Of Commitment
  102. Where The Rubber Meets The Road
  103. A Man In The Crowd
  104. Blue Screen And The Prism: A Composition In Two Movements
  105. Seeing Is Not Believing (Seeing Is Seeing And Believing Is Believing)
  106. Personal Business
  107. Listen To The Children
  108. Anticipation: Accounting For An American Love Affair
  109. Being There
  110. Dog Days
  111. Stepping Down
  112. Second First Impression
  113. Do Artists Retire?
  114. Presence Of Love
  115. Essays - Two Years Later: Glass Walled Studio
  116. What's Next?
  117. Dynamite Next To A Naked Flame
  118. On Fake Picassos
  119. Ego
  120. Getting Better
  121. Vintage Erhard
  122. Eye Of The Storm
  123. Impostors All
  124. Used By The Truth
  125. Watching The Wall
  126. Empty And Marvelous
  127. Simple Things
  128. End Of An Era
  129. Real Men Cry
  130. Something's Wrong
  131. A Different Set Of Rules
  132. Holiday Service
  133. Woman Of A Thousand Faces
  134. Flood!
  135. On Having No Past
  136. What Got Me
  137. Mindblower
  138. Voice? What Voice?
  139. Gravity
  140. I Am Love With You
  141. Stellenberg Avenue
  142. Commitment To Self
  143. Disengagement
  144. Eye Of The Needle
  145. Black Brick
  146. Wet Water
  147. On Saying Nothing
  148. Gaping Holes
  149. Big Land Big Sky
  150. Nametag: A True Story
  151. Standing In The River
  152. Constituted In Language
  153. What's So
  154. The Bluff
  155. Mandala
  156. Reluctant Warrior
  157. Dorothy, I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore
  158. Wine Country
  159. Present To Sacredness
  160. Sound And Fury
  161. When The Cows Came Home
  162. The Land Of "Nothing's Wrong"
  163. Mystical Connection
  164. Ten Pin Bowling
  165. Faery Cottage
  166. Independence Day
  167. Babe On The Freeway
  168. A Feast For The Eyes
  169. Future As Possibility
  170. It Shows Up Personal But It Ain't Personal
  171. Ordinary Life Extraordinary Commitment
  172. From Context To Language
  173. The Second Coming Of Supersurfer
  174. Essays - Three Years Later: Internet Presence
  175. Redemption And Peace
  176. Living From The Edge
  177. September 11, 2001 - Five Years After
  178. Complaint And The Blind Men
  179. Snake II
  180. Touching Nothing You: ZenPlay In Two Acts
  181. Moved To Tears
  182. Stepping Up: A Retrospective Of The Future
  183. In My Dreams You're Me
  184. Puppet Show
  185. Breakfast In America
  186. Indigo Child
  187. A Galaxy Far, Far Away
  188. Paint On Listening
  189. Awake To Life
  190. Somebody Else
  191. Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Get
  192. Elephants All The Way Down
  193. Ding Dong Bell
  194. Friend Of The Planet
  195. The Last Place You Look: Koans Of Conduct
  196. Light In The Night
  197. Laurence Platt Video Interview
  198. The Only Game In Town
  199. A Walk In A Minefield
  200. Breakthrough Heart
  201. Werner's Space
  202. Low Road
  203. Third Rail
  204. Resistance
  205. Driving In A Watercolor
  206. Cause In The Matter
  207. Big And Small
  208. Art Gallery: The Physics Of Creativity
  209. Half Life
  210. Superstitious Minds
  211. Innocent Eyes
  212. I
  213. Three Distinctions Of Word
  214. Plastic Chandelier
  215. Already Always Listening
  216. Throwaway
  217. Here Again
  218. Secret Service: License To Thrill
  219. Master Of Life
  220. Face To Face
  221. Love And Kindness
  222. Snake III
  223. An Experience Of Distinction
  224. Nothing Feels So Good
  225. Attention To Detail
  226. Language Barrier
  227. Deliberate Love
  228. In The Clear Now: Born Again Again
  229. Fulfilled And Accepting
  230. Rough Dichotomy, Hard Choice
  231. No Maps, No Instructions
  232. I've Got Nothing To Say: Twenty Boxes Of Nearly Haiku
  233. Two Human Beings One Heart
  234. Force, Power, And Three Distinctions Of Me
  235. What If There Was No Gun?
  236. Transformation: The Life And Legacy Of Werner Erhard
  237. Romeo In Black Jeans
  238. Living In I Don't Know
  239. Killing Me Softly
  240. Family In Me
  241. The Land Baroness And The Cowhand
  242. A Galaxy Far, Far Away Revisited
  243. God Only Creates What Is
  244. Essays - Four Years Later: Side By Side
  245. Base Nature
  246. Stranger Out Of Time
  247. Crisis Of Faith
  248. Love Living Into Love
  249. Give It Away
  250. Alive And Well
  251. Soap Opera
  252. What Comes Up Must Come Up
  253. Webmaster
  254. Free
  255. Internal States
  256. Clearing
  257. The Alchemy Of Disappearance
  258. More Magnificent Than This
  259. Holding Hands In A Dream
  260. Waiting On You
  261. Battened Down: An Inquiry Into Service
  262. Not What You Expected
  263. Privilege At Daybreak In The Battle Between Good And Evil
  264. Christmas Greetings
  265. Up All Night
  266. Laurence Platt Autobiography II
  267. Orion
  268. Perspective
  269. No Boundaries
  270. Paper Clip
  271. The Virtue Of Indifference
  272. 24 / 7 / 365
  273. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  274. Victory Over The Past
  275. Erotica On Schedule
  276. Creekside Cabin
  277. Where You Go When You Die
  278. Beach Gone!
  279. Werner Erhard Video Experience
  280. Gridiron
  281. Complete And Delete
  282. Werner Erhard Photo Experience
  283. Werner Erhard Quote Experience : Updated Sunday March 23, 2014
  284. On What It Takes
  285. A Future Worth Living Into
  286. Two By Four Tap
  287. Legacy
  288. Hands Off Love
  289. Alan
  290. Everyone Loves You
  291. Little Son Of A Bitch
  292. A House On Franklin Street
  293. One In One
  294. Generous Integrity
  295. Interesting Interested Lady
  296. Afraid Of Nothing
  297. Personal Piece
  298. Magnum Opus
  299. Walk A Way With Me
  300. Alexandra II
  301. Graduation Day!
  302. Trimtab
  303. Walking Out Of My Overcoat
  304. Tell Me A Story
  305. I'd Rather Be With Me
  306. Haiku
  307. Interpretation As Interpretation
  308. Like Icing On A Cake
  309. Enrolling Others In Your Possibility Isn't A Chore
  310. Friend
  311. Beingsphere
  312. Creating The Master
  313. Sailing Ship
  314. To There Through Here: Heaven Via Dallas
  315. Life On Mars
  316. Essays - Five Years Later: Arm In Arm
  317. Common Man Common Place
  318. The Big Three Oh
  319. Moment Of Choice
  320. I Listen You
  321. World Traveler: A Straight Love Song
  322. NeXT
  323. Too Much
  324. Santa Barbara
  325. Zen Gardener
  326. Easy, Effortless, And Hassle Free
  327. Start A New Conversation (If You Don't Like The One You're In)
  328. Paradox And Confusion
  329. Nothing Doing
  330. Changing Ways
  331. Point Of View
  332. Naked Presence: Deploying A New Grammar
  333. An Experience Like A Red Balloon, A Life Like A Concrete Form: A Manifesto
  334. Devolution
  335. Future Perfect
  336. Full On You
  337. Patient Horse
  338. Liberated By I Don't Know
  339. You Can't Hold On To A Wriggling Puppy
  340. Unbelievable
  341. Holes In The World
  342. Worry Or Not, It Turns Out Anyway
  343. Scoop
  344. Out Of My Head
  345. Clean, Well Lit Quarters
  346. Prelude
  347. Covenant
  348. Ask Me Anything
  349. Laurence Platt Intersections
  350. Coming Around Again
  351. A Dog Trying Not To Be A Dog
  352. Close Up, Face To Face, Larger Than Life, And Twice As Natural
  353. A Knock At The Door
  354. Reflection On A Window
  355. Being Invisible Being
  356. With You Without You
  357. Catalyzer
  358. Dogshit Reality
  359. Laurence Platt Photo Album
  360. Three Sixty
  361. Recontextualization
  362. Consider THIS!
  363. Sleep After Transformation IV
  364. Sandals On My Head
  365. Enchanted Hill
  366. Coin Of The Realm
  367. Reactivation: Tempest In A Teacup
  368. Flash
  369. Making It
  370. Razor Thin Line
  371. Workability II
  372. Give Me Money (That's What I Want?)
  373. Beyond Compare
  374. Raise The Bar, Break The Barrier
  375. Mom Dearest
  376. True Gold
  377. Alone With You
  378. Business As Usual
  379. The World Is My Monastery
  380. Nothing At The Pump
  381. Epistemology
  382. Whack!
  383. Inexorable
  384. Collect Your Self And Punt
  385. Exuberance
  386. Initial Objective
  387. Mother's Day
  388. Attachment: When Your Creation Runs You
  389. You Don't Need This
  390. Natural Expression
  391. Essential Question
  392. There Is No "The Answers"
  393. Mint Condition
  394. Presence Of Self
  395. Cast Iron Pots
  396. I'll Think Of Something
  397. Me And The Voice In My Head
  398. Law In The Universe
  399. Kind Words
  400. South Africa Premiere
  401. Do It For Nothing
  402. A Life You Love
  403. Soft Heart, Hard Road
  404. Not Truth / Truth
  405. At This Very Moment
  406. It's Not Out There
  407. Ascension
  408. Love Means Nothing
  409. Familiar Unfamiliar Territory
  410. Interview
  411. Mona Lisa! Mona Lisa!
  412. Further Than The End
  413. Skewed Since Antiquity
  414. Essays - Six Years Later: A Very Good Year
  415. Squishy Integrity
  416. That Thou Art
  417. I See You're Everywhere
  418. The Antithesis Of Resignation
  419. Drinks On Me
  420. Confronting The Machinery
  421. Inside
  422. Straight Talk
  423. One Foot On The Line
  424. Writer's Block
  425. Happy Memories, Great Feelings
  426. Get A Life
  427. Moment Of Truth
  428. Looking Into The Space: Reflections On Synchronicity And Mystery
  429. The Only Worthwhile Fame
  430. Causal State
  431. Timeless Classic Rincon
  432. Goleta Beach
  433. Werner's Work Is Coming Back To Hawai'i
  434. Family Ties
  435. Disclaimer
  436. Running From Empty
  437. I Love You Revisited
  438. Brilliant Is In Your Ears
  439. It's Never Gonna Get Any Better Than This
  440. State Of Play
  441. Who Are You Going To Be?
  442. Observations From Within The Question
  443. Private Movie
  444. Projector
  445. Deadly Distractions
  446. Nothing Out There, Nothing In Here
  447. This Is What It Means To Be!
  448. Passing The Torch
  449. Standing With
  450. Straight And Narrow Path
  451. Pruning Both Sides Of The Hedge
  452. Here And There
  453. On Fleas And Piranhas
  454. How To Enroll The World
  455. Long Time Gone
  456. "How?" Questions
  457. Menage À Trois: A Declaration
  458. It's All Over For Laurence Platt
  459. Inventors Of The Future
  460. Stoopid  Fantastic
  461. Zen Bland
  462. Source Of Zen Bland: Hand Grasps Itself?
  463. Coal Face: Down And Dirty
  464. I Am My Parents
  465. Readiness: The Possibility Of Being Forgiving, Open, And Welcoming
  466. Equanimitous
  467. A Matter Of Trust
  468. The Life You Have
  469. Dancing With My Mouth
  470. Failed Analogy
  471. Cave Paintings
  1. Human Being Version 2.0
  2. Groovin'
  3. Demonstration
  4. Moon On The Water
  5. Why Birds Fly
  6. Close Enough Isn't Good Enough
  7. God Is In His Heaven And Everything Is Right With The World
  8. Nobody's Doing It To You Except Yourself: A Study In Truth
  9. Say Whatever's There
  10. Velvet Tsunami
  11. Hat Over Wall
  12. Front And Center
  13. I Am Therefore I Play
  14. Even Though It Doesn't Always Look Like It
  15. Mea Culpa!
  16. A Quiet Celebration Of Triumph
  17. Extraordinarily Ordinary
  18. View From A Fallow Wheatfield
  19. Werner Erhard Paper Experience : Updated Sunday April 20, 2014
  20. Double Dare
  21. Getting Into Your World
  22. Don't Do That!
  23. Mystery
  24. Don't Try So Hard!
  25. Lucky Man
  26. Time On My Hands
  27. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  28. You
  29. Toolbox
  30. Bake Your Cake (And Eat It)
  31. Unmessable (With)
  32. Transformation II
  33. Bad Press / Good Experience
  34. Entre Nous
  35. No Choice Choice
  36. Freed Like A Fox
  37. Self Realization: Discovery Or Creation?
  38. Slippery
  39. Cheap Talk
  40. Watching The Wanting To Stop
  41. The Only Way Out Is Through
  42. Warmer In The Water
  43. Honoring Your Word
  45. Prior Feelings
  46. New Era: An Invitation
  47. Sophisticated Palate
  48. Open To Everyone
  49. Portal
  50. Tempered Tornado
  51. Incident: Inspired Accident
  52. Two Of Me
  53. No Platitudes
  54. Joshua Nelson Mongezi  Platt
  55. Two Of Me II: Confirmation Not Correction
  56. For You I've Loved Before
  57. Essays - Seven Years Later: By My Self
  58. Miracles Are Miracles And Love Is Love
  59. Fly Baby Bird!
  60. Say The World Loves You
  61. Naked Before You
  62. Holiday Spectacular
  63. Always Something On My Mind
  64. Linguistic Acts
  65. I'm Playing So Hard I've Got No Time To Be Busy
  66. Changing My Mind
  67. Resurgence
  68. Creating Creating
  69. Tell Me Something About Nothing
  70. Attachment / Commitment: A Fine Line
  71. Language: The Scalpel Of Experience
  72. 100 Watt Light Bulb
  73. Safety, Privacy, Security, Confidentiality
  74. Miles And Miles And Miles
  75. Through Spanish Ears
  76. River Of People
  77. Tengo Un Regalo Para Ti
  78. The Shortest Distance Between Two People
  79. Hello! How Are Things Going For You?
  80. Enough Time
  81. When You Get It You Get It, When You Don't You Don't
  82. Face In The Water
  83. Unpredictable Moments Of Perfection
  84. Pontifical College Josephinum
  85. Straight Ahead: A Political Discourse
  86. Regular Guy
  87. Make It Yours
  88. Out Of The Blue
  89. Werner Erhard Slide Experience
  90. Lucid Disclosures
  91. A Man Is The Crowd
  92. No Problem At All: Suffering Is Optional
  93. Empty Cup
  94. Poet Laureate II
  95. Holiday Service II
  96. Calibration Zero
  97. External Tank
  98. Inner Circle
  99. Etching
  100. A Man Who Wasn't There
  101. Hard Line
  102. Eyes Wide Om-pen
  103. Passing Interest: A Commentary
  104. Because I Do
  105. When Simple Is Difficult
  106. Hostile Environment
  107. When Did You Off  Yourself?
  108. There's No Such Thing As Too Much Rigor
  109. The Conversation
  110. San Francisco Premiere
  111. Sticky Like A Fly Trap
  112. Sweet Spot
  113. Selfishness In A You And Me World
  114. Background Soundtrack
  115. Wordsmith
  116. Reason To Create
  117. Closer And Closer
  118. Tête À Tête 
  119. Another Possibility
  120. The Way We Are
  121. Marrakech With A "C"
  122. Dancing With Life
  123. Celebration In Essaouira
  124. The Boogie Boarders Of Casablanca
  125. (How To Be A) Victim Of Circumstance
  126. Last Train To The Suburbs
  127. Joe The Buddha
  128. A Scholar And A Gentleman
  129. Laurence Platt And Associates
  130. Farm Girl
  131. Clear And Present
  132. Pedal To The Metal
  133. Be Mindful Of Nothing
  134. Reason Not To Believe
  135. Pristine Lake
  136. Freedom To Choose: Freedom To Say No
  137. The Wolf Who Cried Boy
  138. Gossip Column
  139. Half A Million Kids: The Truth About The Counter
  140. Mavericks
  141. Long Time Comin'
  142. Being Without Trying
  143. Images Of You
  144. High Stakes: Integrity Seriously
  145. With Nothing Going On
  146. Temples Of Grey
  147. Enough To Last Forever
  148. Intending What's Called For
  149. Where No One Has Gone Before
  150. Lowest Common Denominator
  151. Road Warrior
  152. Bear Trap
  153. Flying
  154. It's All Yours Now: An Un-Someday
  155. The Posse
  156. Under All Circumstances
  157. Already Here
  158. Meetings With A Remarkable Man
  159. Being Directed By The Unanswered Question
  160. Out Here
  161. Who Said That? Who Really  Said That?
  162. Making This Up As I Go Along
  163. View From A Driftwood Bench
  164. Resolving The Mind
  165. Speaking Candidly: Jargon Free Conversations For Transformation
  166. Attachment: Causeway Between Islands
  167. Locker Room Banter
  168. Life Works!
  169. When You've Got Nothing, Give It Away
  170. The Magnificent Seven
  171. Essays - Eight Years Later: Riding The Open Range
  172. Perfect Medium
  173. Beginner's Mind: On Having No Memory
  174. As Good As It Gets
  175. No Favorites
  176. Eschew
  177. You Say Stop: About Resisting Transformation
  178. Ventura! Oh, Ventura!
  179. All There Is Is This
  180. September 11, 2001 - Ten Years After
  181. What Would I Ask You If I Could Ask You Anything?
  182. Health Is A Function Of Participation
  183. You Don't Ask "Why Me?"  When It's Raining
  184. Wonderings About Nothing In Particular
  185. Examining The Unthinkable
  186. Tell Me The Truth
  187. Talking Heads: Addicted To Opinion
  188. Can You Just Look?
  189. Integral Element
  190. Incredible!
  191. Using Laurence Platt
  192. Integrity For Integrity's Sake
  193. Clear Choice
  194. Laurence Platt Video Interview II
  195. Laurence Platt Video Interview III
  196. Born To Do This
  197. The Day The Guests Didn't Come
  198. When This Isn't  It
  199. Not Your "Business As Usual" Motor Racing Film
  200. Keep Sharing
  201. On Being Coachable: Rails To My Train
  202. No Line
  203. Weather Or Not
  204. After The Story Ends
  205. Paradise Is On The Tip Of My Tongue
  206. Often Disconcerting, Yet Eminently Worth Listening To
  207. The Way I Am
  208. Endless Day
  209. I've Got Nothing More To Say: Twenty Boxes Of Nearly Haiku II
  210. My Life In Front Of Me
  211. A Game Worth Playing
  212. Words Like Birds
  213. I Can Be Anyone
  214. If You're Not Then Don't
  215. Images Of You II
  216. Living Where Life Is
  217. Zen Is Binary
  218. My Future Happens Now
  219. The Cavalry's Not Coming
  220. Like Father
  221. Mountains And Waters
  222. The Most Beautiful Beach In The World
  223. Thirty Billion Dollars, Forty Top Ten Records, And An Academy Award
  224. Poet Laureate III
  225. What Part Of "I Love You" Don't You Get?
  226. Committed To Your Commitment
  227. Prayer
  228. Slow Dancing
  229. Halftime
  230. Frame Of Reference
  231. From Stick Figures To IMAX 3D
  232. Man Of The World
  233. Through A Veil Brightly
  234. Uncomfortably Shy Yet Strikingly Bold: A Self Portrait
  235. Persona Or Ideas?
  236. Original Sin Revisited
  237. Cheese To A Rat
  238. Mercedes-Benz
  239. Life Partners
  240. Create Me The Way I Am
  241. Exceptionally Rich
  242. Friend II
  243. It's A Whole New Different World
  244. I Do What I Am
  245. Serene Passion
  246. Rollercoaster
  247. Nice Guys
  248. It's Only Significant If I Say So
  249. Out To Lunch With The Financial Times
  250. On This Team Everyone's The Leader
  251. Fearless
  252. Wonderful Life
  253. It's Not Blue, Yes?
  254. Stepping Back
  255. Snake IV
  256. The Woman She Creates Herself To Be
  257. Source Of Action
  258. With The Past In The Past And Nothing In The Future
  259. Leaves Flying Off
  260. Out Here II: Out-Here
  261. See A Chance, Take It
  262. Embrace The Fullness!
  263. Stand Like A Rock, Love Like A River
  264. Power Play
  265. Paradise Is Not Enough
  266. Out-Here III
  267. At Home As Self
  268. Born Into It: A Way For Family
  269. The Grand Canyon Is In The Fridge
  270. Say As I Say
  271. Word Power
  272. Wheel Alignment
  273. Straight Shooter
  274. An Actor Playing The Lead Role In A Play Called "My Life"
  275. Writer's Block II
  276. Fearless And Street Smart
  277. An Actor Playing The Lead Role In A Play Called "My Life" II
  278. Authentic Truth: The Coca Cola Animals  Incident, And More
  279. Essays - Nine Years Later: Recreation
  280. Morning News
  281. Our Living Room
  282. Empty Windows
  283. Closed Door, Wide Open Future
  284. Life Of Distinction
  285. Performance Artists
  286. Little Boy
  287. Unsettled
  288. Artist In Acrylics, Artist In Words
  289. Forgiveness: No Good Without It
  290. Tipping Point
  291. Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down
  292. Respect For Intention
  293. The Quieting
  294. On Knowing The Place For The First Time
  295. You Can't Get This From Me
  296. It's Already Complete: Stop Finishing It!
  297. The Magical Breakfast Burrito Assembly Line
  298. Celebrity
  299. Futile Like A Freedom
  300. How Do You Spell The Sound A Ratchet Makes?
  301. A Place In My Heart Which Doesn't Always See Enough Light Of Day
  302. Three Stairs At A Time
  303. To Get Out Of A Rut, Be  In The Rut
  304. On Turning Away
  305. Conversation With A Laser
  306. Shut Up And Do What You're Doing
  307. Secret Agent
  308. Werner As Intention
  309. Passing Through: Anatomy Of A Contextual Shift
  310. And Then Along Came I: The Genesis Of Identity
  311. Your Act: The Role Of A Lifetime?
  312. Good Enough For Jazz
  313. Leading Edge
  314. One Thousand Essays And A Million Views: A Future
  315. No Walk In The Park
  316. Doesn't Qualify As Research
  317. The Dispassionate View
  318. Peace On Earth And Good Will To All People: A Possibility
  319. Laurence Platt Audio
  320. Source Of Aliveness
  321. Clear For Takeoff
  322. Speaking Tautologically
  323. Turned Tables
  324. Don't Regulate The Tate
  325. English Tea
  326. Blameless
  327. London "I": The Memorandum
  328. Werner's Work Is Coming Back To Hawai'i Again
  329. Black Belt
  330. Christian Rocks!
  331. Werner Erhard Video Experience II
  332. Extraordinary Is The New Normal
  333. St Valentine's Day
  334. Who He Is For Himself
  335. The Illusion Of I
  336. Beyond Breathing Underwater
  337. Bold Faced Truth
  338. Cause In The Matter II: Congruent with Life
  339. Barrier Reef
  340. Yesterday's Wardrobe
  341. Honey To A Bear
  342. Something Fierce, Something Wonderful
  343. Never Not This
  344. Source Quote
  345. Integrity: It's Its Own Trainer
  346. We The Excellent Ones
  347. Triangle
  348. You Are A Machine II
  349. Our Time Will Come Or Not
  350. Take Your Fear With You
  351. Where You Want To Be
  352. Stripping It Down To The Studs
  353. Puzzle Solved, Mind Unraveled
  354. Life Rose Up
  355. Calling A Spade Something Else
  356. Where Else Would You Store Them?
  357. People To Thank
  358. Big To Be Small
  359. Eye To Eye
  360. Not With A Whimper But A Bang
  361. What You Create For Yourself About Me
  362. Shit Happens
  363. Everything That Gets In The Way Of My Life
  364. Backdrop
  365. Light On Things
  366. Mystical Connection II
  367. Relentless
  368. Victory Like A Choice
  369. Sitting
  370. Godzone
  371. You'll Hear The Rumble
  372. B-Grade Hotel
  373. The Rain Is Coming, Mr Laurence
  374. Is Fiji Paradise?
  375. Dog Days II
  376. Here We Are Again
  377. Being Around Werner
  378. On Misconstruing Enlightenment
  379. Powerfully Repeating MySelf
  380. Watch This Space
  381. Lions' Den
  382. Golden Gate Bridge
  383. Breakthrough In Leadership
  384. Essays - Ten Years Later: Decade
  385. Something Bigger Than Oneself
  386. You Can Never Get Enough Of Nothing
  387. A Red Rag To A Bull
  388. Werner Erhard Video Experience III
  389. Sonoma Explosion
  390. Being Always In Action: A Possibility
  391. Trading Aliveness For Survival
  392. If I Don't Love You Now, I Never Did
  393. So What
  394. Silver Boxes
  395. Expectation, Or Possibility?
  396. Contribution: Surrender
  397. Contribution II: Happiness
  398. Contribution III: Performance
  399. Heroes
  400. Return To The Creek
  401. Brightness On Main Street
  402. Nothing Can Prepare You For This
  403. Conversation With A Friend: A Symphony Of Notes
  404. Bronze Buddha
  405. On Creating Space
  406. Sirius' Passion Play
  407. God In Your Universe
  408. Leadership: Thinking
  409. Leadership II: Your Mouth / My Brain
  410. Leadership III: Unflinching
  411. Cosmic Joke: Suspension Of Disbelief
  412. You Had It All Along
  413. Wired To Be Admired
  414. Thank You, I Got It, And Nobody's Interested Anymore
  415. Orchid Leaves
  416. Once In A Lifetime
  417. Love Of Life
  418. Werner's Work Is Coming To Fiji
  419. Troublemaker: Nelson Mandela And Transformation II
  420. Fireside Chat
  421. Axis Of Ecstasy
  422. Moving Time Around
  423. Present To The Past
  424. It's Not A Ball Game If You Hold On To The Ball
  425. Shout About It
  426. Recordbreaker
  427. Five Star Restaurant
  428. Empty And Meaningless Revisited
  429. Performance Is Action
  430. The Very Best Of Me
  431. Endurance
  432. The Magical Breakfast Burrito Assembly Line II
  433. The Only Thing You Have To Do Is Die
  434. Talking About Talking About
  435. Werner's Work Is Coming To The Dominican Republic
  436. You Don't Ask "Why Me?"  When It's Raining II
  437. Life To The Fullest
  438. Air You Can Trust
  439. In Churches, Museums, And Castles : New
  440. Spirit Of Generosity : New
  441. Listening: You Never Have And You Never Will : New
  442. Transformation Is Timeless : New
  443. Empty Nest, Full Sky : New
  444. The Young Person's Guide To The Future : New
  445. Stake To Play : New
  446. A Future For Someone Else: The Promise Of Enrollment : New
  447. On Being Happy : New
  448. Shaken Up And Teary : New
  449. The Next Best Thing : New
  450. Breakfast With The Master: Future Health : New
  451. Breakfast With The Master II: Future Finances : New
  452. Breakfast With The Master III: Future Open : Latest -V
  453. Transforming Life Itself: A Completely Started Inquiry : Latest -IV
  454. Self Being Self : Latest -III
  455. A Purely Positive Proposition : Latest -II
  456. I Don't Believe In What I'm Doing : Latest -I
  457. Write Your Life! : LATEST
  458. On Sadness : In Progress
  459. Being And Acting Out-Here : Coming
  460. Placeholder (working title) : In Progress
  461. Placeholder II (working title) : In Progress
  462. Placeholder III (working title) : In Progress
  463. New One (working title) : In Progress
  464. New Two (working title) : In Progress
  465. Questions For A Friend VIII III (working title) : In Progress
  466. Visits With A Friend VIII (working title) : Coming
  467. Visits With A Friend VIII II (working title) : Coming
  468. Visits With A Friend VIII III (working title) : Coming
  469. Visits With A Friend VIII Sequel (working title) : Coming
  470. Work In Progress (working title) : In Progress
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