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In My Dreams You're Me

Petrified Forest, Calistoga, California, USA

October 7, 2006

I am indebted to e e cummings who uttered a phrase* I borrowed for this conversation.

You came to me in my dream. It's been too long since I felt my raw rising attraction to your body. Maybe it's your undulating candy apple red thong infuriating my desire like a matador's cape to a bull. Maybe it's because the way we were is ebb tide revealing the rock pools of my sentimentality. Maybe it's a your pheromone my testosterone  midnight medley.

I know I love you. But you're only here when I dream. That's typical. That's so us. I give you the best of my love yet you're never really here. Except in my dreams. Then  you're real. I want you. I'm empty without you. When I wake into reality I discover you gone. As long as you don't return I'm left with only emptiness and your fleeting shadow.

But wait!

It's my  dreams in which you appear. This isn't astral travel nor telekinetic activity nor visit by teleport beam. This is no out of body  experience. It's a dream. It's just  a dream, and it's my  dream.

So all that  all that you, and all that deepest secret nobody knows* is me. In my dreams you're me! This is where I love you. This is where we're one. This is where we are I, and this is where I'm whole. Here there's no in love with. Here there's only in love. This is mine - all mine!  How can I miss you when you're me?

In my dreams you're me. In my waking too.

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