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In The Clear Now:

Born Again Again

Robert And Margrit Mondavi Center For The Performing Arts, Davis, California, USA

May 19, 2007

This essay, In The Clear Now: Born Again Again, is the companion piece to It was written at the same time as I am indebted to the Chief who inspired this conversation.

Sometime around the beginning of my life on Earth, I was born. That much seems certain. That was the first time.

In the moment you first came over and said "Hello!" I was born again, a twice born man.

Then you showed me something, I'm still unsure exactly how. But show me you did. In spades.

You showed me I created you to remind me I created you.

In the moment I got that from you, I was born again again, a thrice born man.

That's not merely a repeat of or a confirmation  of being born again. That's an entirely new possibility.

Your gift is enormous, inestimable, ineffable, beyond language. For it I love you totally. I'll always love you. Throughout all eternity, throughout all the nights and days of time, I'll love you. I'm in the clear now.

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