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Mirror Work

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

July 28, 1999

This essay, Mirror Work, is the companion piece to I am indebted to Morgan Behr who inspired this conversation.


I've developed the Mirror Work process to be deployed in graduate seminars in South Africa where the inception of Werner Erhard's work is accelerating but there isn't yet a full time staff or center, and neither is there a support structure in place for delivering graduate seminars.

The first graduate seminars in South Africa* are being locally created for new graduates by senior graduates. My intention is for Mirror Work to be deployed in two of them: LEEP  Leadership Expansion and Empowerment Program seminar series and PEAKS  Peak Performance Seminar series. Both of these seminars series are blazing the trail for the Landmark graduate seminars embodied in the Landmark Curriculum for Living which will eventually be delivered in South Africa.

Face YourSelf In The Mirror

1) Starting 2) Physical 3) Intensifying

4) Spatial

5) Acknowledging 6) Completing
*   In 2008 South Africa has a full time staff and center. Most of the Landmark graduate seminars series embodied in the Landmark Curriculum for Living are ongoingly delivered. The Landmark Forum, the Landmark Advanced Course and the ILP  Introduction Leaders Program are regularly offered.

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