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Sleep After Transformation II

Napa Valley, California, USA

September 24, 2001

This essay, Sleep After Transformation II, is the second in the quadrilogy Sleep After Transformation:
  1. Sleep After Transformation
  2. Sleep After Transformation II
  3. Sleep After Transformation III
  4. Sleep After Transformation IV
in that order.

It is the companion piece to Awake To Life.

There's something to add to the Sleep After Transformation conversation in the following three paragraphs, the purpose of which is to round off, to complete, and also to clarify something of what was said:

The need for sleep is very personal for people. You need rest. That's not in question. Exactly how much you need is in question. If you eliminate "escape sleep" (ie if you're intent on eliminating escape sleep) and sleep just to sleep and not to escape life, then I assert the duration of sleep you need is far, far less than is commonly believed.

You have to also have a context for my remarks. I'm not mouthing mere platitudes about sleep in general. I'm specifically speaking about sleep after transformation. In transformation, people start noticing being inauthentic drives them unconscious (ie once they can make that distinction) - in other words, being inauthentic is very, very tiring.

So with regard to sleep after transformation: When you are awake, be awake. When you are asleep, be asleep. And if the lines are still blurred between the two, there's probably a lot of hidden energy in your life still available to you.

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