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That Thou Art

Exertec Health and Fitness Center, Napa, California, USA

August 24, 2009

"Tat twam asi." ... ancient Sanskrit pronouncement from the Upanishads translating to "That thou art"


Listen! ... Charlie and Laurence are speaking ...


You say with conviction: "In contradistinction, I do know, I always know  when I'm not ... being ... my ... Self. I always know  when I'm out of integrity by not being who I really am. This  is the integrity with a hard, clear, razor thin line. This  is the integrity which I'm either in  or I'm not. This  is the integrity which has no gray  area. This  is the integrity which has only black  or white. This  is the integrity which isn't squishy.".

My question is: what is  that which you call  "being ... my ... Self"?  What, precisely please, is  that Self?

Nothing. Real context.

Is that Self really your  Self?

No, not really. It's not personal. And it's all mine.

Does that Self belong to a me  or a you? 

No. Belonging  is irrelevant in this context ... AND  ... it's yours and mine.

How exactly can anyone ever not  be the Self?

Exactly. Only the degree to which people language ie experience they are the Self, differs.

Is that Self an object which you are or have sometimes, and are not or don't have other times?

Self (the, your, my) isn't an object. It's the context for all objects.

Yes! Thanks so much ... from Self to Self ... for these cogent and potent words.

Memo to you and me both: "Thank Werner".

Indeed. Love in Action!

Ain't but one  Self, one  Love, one  Life. As the Indian con men say: "THAT thou art!".

That thou art: "Tat twam asi", as my very basic Sanskrit  says.

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