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The Land Of  "Nothing's Wrong"

Yountville, California, USA

June 23, 2006

This essay, The Land Of  "Nothing's Wrong", is the companion piece to
  1. Something's Wrong
  2. Original Sin Revisited
in that order.

It is also the prequel to Nothing's Wrong Still.

It was written at the same time as I am indebted to Anna Taglieri who inspired this conversation.

When my friend Anna returned from a vacation in Hawai'i I asked her what it was like. She said:


Hawai'i was very beautiful. I had a beautiful two weeks. What else is there to say about Hawai'i? It's just beautiful. It's beautiful visually as well as ontologically. It's the land of "nothing's wrong".


She's right, of course, about the beauty of Hawai'i. Anyone who's been there knows it's almost impossible to not  be struck by its unique paradise. But what got me about what Anna said was the almost casual way she likened Hawai'i to 'the land of "nothing's wrong"'.

What if there really was  such a place as The Land Of "Nothing's Wrong"? Like money, "nothing's wrong" doesn't grow there on trees - you take "nothing's wrong" there with you. In fact, the ability to create "nothing's wrong" is a requirement to get a visa to go there ...

Getting a visa to visit The Land Of "Nothing's Wrong" requires:

 1)  the ability to create "nothing's wrong" by observing the fabric of the conversation "something's wrong" and noticing it's built into the machinery; "something's wrong" doesn't mean anything's wrong; it may  mean something's wrong, and it may not  (it most often doesn't); "something's wrong" is just another conversation;

 2)  the willingness to get that this  is the way it turned out; it didn't turn out any other way; this is it, and it's OK the way it is;

 3)  the recognition that barriers in life are prewritten into the human condition: they're cultural, they're plural, they only show up  personal - and they're not  personal;

 4)  the generosity to give something up when confronting a situation that doesn't work; it doesn't mean anything; the only problem is positionality;

 5)  the courage to come from your own experience - not as a way to win, to be right, to dominate, to look good, or to survive but rather simply as a way of being which honors Self as the gift of Life just because you're alive;

 6)  the audacity to stand for something great without agreement, and to keep standing for it until the impossible becomes possible, until the ain't gonna happen  becomes commonplace;

 7)  the risk to try on new paradigms without regard for ease or comfort until the paradigm that becomes you is the one everyone else is enrolled in you being;

 8)  the compassion to be with life raw: rather than granting space to its stuff while letting its being be, granting space to its being while letting its stuff be;

 9)  the humanity to regard your transformation as a gift you see other people already having which they're being rather than as something you see other people missing which they're needing;

10)  the magnanimity to invent "nothing's wrong" as a stand, as an opening, as a possibility.

* * *
Welcome! Enjoy The Land Of "Nothing's Wrong". This is it. Here we are.

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