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The Storyless You

Napa Valley, California, USA

July 1, 2002

This essay, The Storyless You, is the companion piece to I am indebted to Lindiwe Bardill for the following exchange which, depending on your frame of mind, could either have occurred in a dream or in a real conversation.

Lindiwe: "Are you free from ALL your stories?"

Laurence: "Yes. Except for the ones that I have yet to find out about."

Lindiwe: "Have you ever experienced total storylessness?"

Laurence: "Yes."

Lindiwe: "I mean, do you know that the meaning you create in life is just the meaning that you create in life and nothing more?"

Laurence: "Yes."

Lindiwe: "Do you create the meaning while knowing the storylessness nature of existence?"

Laurence: "Yes. Except when I don't. And as soon as I find out that I am not doing that, then I do it again."

Lindiwe: "Do you know the storyless you?"

Laurence: "Yes."

* * *

Was it a dream? Or was it a real conversation?

It was a real conversation.

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