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The Value In Afghanistan

San Ramon, California, USA

November 4, 2001

What can we learn from what is now taking place in Afghanistan?

I am not asking that we take this side or take that side. I am not suggesting that one side is right and the other side is wrong. And I am certainly not proposing a new set of beliefs to replace our tired, worn out, old beliefs. I don't believe in belief.

Yet there is actually a huge opportunity in what is happening in Afghanistan. It is the opportunity to be enlightened, and there is no bigger opportunity than that - anywhere, anytime.

Enlightenment, it is said, is knowing the difference between who you really are, and the incessant chattering of the mind. It is not stopping the incessant chattering of the mind. Rather, it is being able to distinguish between the incessant chattering of the mind, and who you really are.

When things are big, they are easier to distinguish. With all that is going on in Afghanistan, the incessant chattering of the mind is very, very loud and very, very distracting and very, very big, and there never was a better opportunity than now to distinguish "That is just the incessant chattering of my mind ..." as opposed to "... and THIS is who I really am!".

If you tell the truth about it, you are not doing any original thinking about it all. You are, quite literally, just going off. And whatever your own particular slant on the outcome of it is, I will bet you that it comes in one or another form of this question:

"Will we survive?".

That is your mind. If you watch it carefully, you will see that it is on automatic, the reaction machine that it is.

Who you really are is the space in which all of that occurs. And if any difference is going to be made, from that space comes the power to make a profound difference.

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