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Transformation And The New Nuclear Threat

Napa Valley, California, USA

July 1, 2002

It would be great to see transformation in Pakistan - not because of the new nuclear threat there but rather because it is always great to see transformation in any country in the world that does not currently have it.

I am not gripped by the fact that the situation is dire in Pakistan right now although I know that is well entrenched in the popular conversation.

I take my cue from something Werner Erhard said when he was asked about a guest event he had scheduled on an evening when the experts had said an earthquake would occur. He was asked whether or not it was irresponsible of him to have people come into the city when there was a predicted likelihood that the building they were in may fall down on top of them.

I have adapted his response to suit a nuclear war rather than an earthquake. But essentially it is his same response verbatim:

"There won't be a nuclear war because I say  there won't be a nuclear war. And if I change my mind you'll know because you'll see the mushroom cloud.".

The only thing I would like to add to that is this: if someone does fly over my house and drops a nuclear bomb, then I intend to go outside, stand under it, and catch it.

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