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We Are The Word

St Louis, Missouri, USA

March 12, 2001

This essay, We Are The Word, is the companion piece to Bear Trap.

Upon observing how apartheid  ended in South Africa simply because committed people said it would end, I was reminded of something Werner Erhard said to me.

We were talking about taking a stand (for anything - the specifics were not the point) and then later having second thoughts, and doubting that you could sustain the enormity of what you said you stood for - and standing for the end of apartheid when there was no chance, zero, nada, zilch that it could or would ever end, was an enormous stand to take. What if I gave my word that apartheid would end just because I said so, then later assuming it was hopeless ie that it could and would never end, took my word (that it would end) back?

I asked Werner "Is it authentic for me, once I give my word, to ever take it back?". I saw later I was actually inquiring into whether or not taking back my word, could ever have integrity  - but at the time, a younger, naïve-er  me spoke in terms of authenticity instead (he got it anyway, so it worked ie it was good enough for jazz).

This is how he responded to my question which for me, forever disallowed that option from then on.




I don't know what your old life was like prior to the onset of the possibility of being transformed, but I can tell this: I don't want mine back. I don't want to live that life ever again. An untransformed life is not worth living.

I mean that quite literally.

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