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What Happened As Distinct From The Story About What Happened

Napa Valley, California, USA

September 24, 2001

This essay, What Happened As Distinct From The Story About What Happened, is the companion piece to

Since we've all begun processing through what happened on Tuesday September 11, 2001, I've participated in many, many conversations, all of which started with what happened, and then quickly lost their distinction from and devolved into the story about what happened.

Someone said the following to me (and I'm keeping her name private because while she may be misinterpreted as being totally callous, her distinction is also razor sharp, terse, and accurate). She said:


What happened was two airplanes flew into two buildings.


Food for thought, yes? That is  what happened. And what ensued is the mother of all stories about what happened ...

On another level, the chance to look at how deeply we're reactivated by this - on every imaginable level - is a never before presented opportunity to observe the reactivation machinery we are.

Not only can you make a difference out of what happened, but if you insist, you can also learn something profound from it about who we all really are as interdependent reactivation machines.

And if you can get all of what I just said, and still not lose sight of the awful consequences of what happened, you're a BIG person.

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