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Eye Of The Needle

Somewhere At 39,000 Feet Over The United States Of America

March 9, 2006

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." ... Jesus Christ quoted by Matthew the apostle

This essay, Eye Of The Needle, is the prequel to the second trilogy Visits With A Friend:
  1. Black Brick
  2. Wet Water
  3. On Saying Nothing
in that order.

It is the companion piece to It is also the second in an open group Visits With A Friend Prequels:
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  7. Flying
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  10. Serving High
  11. Simple But Not Easy
  12. A Request Asked Harder
in that order.

Coming to you I pass through the eye of the needle.

In spite of myself I don't get to choose what to bring with me and what to leave behind. All the stuff I want to bring with me to show you, to ask you about won't fit through this tiny eye. To get to you I have to leave all my stuff behind. There's no room for any of it to pass. So I bring nothing with me. Nothing is the gift I bring you.

When I come through like this there's no struggling. Frustration melts and stress abates. A divine calmness and serenity wrap me in velvety rich, gorgeous arms of lovingkindness. Where's the scoreboard of my accomplishing now? Where's the tally of my successes and my wins now? Whatever became of they who judged my ways? None of them, not one  of them made it through to here. They're not in this place. They're left behind, too occupied getting somewhere to pass through this tiny eye with me to you.

But ... all... I ... want ... is You (I told you so). So here I am. Naked ... by ... my ... Self ... I stand unafraid and full. This is where I show up: here, now, being alone together again You and I. Being all one  together again.

All I got my entire god-damned  life is what's possible with you, what happens with you. Though it's already happened before, what's already happened is past. That's remarkable, actually - totally awesome. Though there's more of you in my life than there is of anything else, each time I come to you it's like I've never been here before. Each time I come to you it's new, fresh. And look! There's that "anything's possible"  again ...

There's nothing  else I know quite like this. There's no one  else I know quite like you who only  shows up as a future. Everything else I know and everyone else I know was yesterday or is now. But you're the possibility of tomorrow. That's disconcerting. That's seductive. That's alluring and wide open, gaping wide open, and grounding all at once.

I'm a compass. You're north. I'm beside myself with anticipation to true with You again.

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