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San Ramon, California, USA

November 4, 2001

This essay, Nothing, is the first in a group of twenty on Nothing:

I don't see myself as any different than anyone else. I am actually quite ordinary and probably a bit boring. In many respects, I don't have anything unusual going on in my life. I have no inner secrets which everyone should know. I have no red telephone or hotline to enlightenment.

There is one area in my life where I notice I have something to offer, and that is in my speaking and listening. When I first experienced transformation, I knew that the way I had lived up until that moment was finished. I saw it was all over for Laurence Platt. I saw who I am is the space in which the events of my life occur. I saw that I am not my story.

And perhaps what does make me powerful is that I have been speaking and listening transformation for twenty three years. Over time, that has built up and has made an extraordinary impact.

The bottom line is that in this conversation for transformation and possibility, there's nothing to get. We are interested in what everyone has to say. We listen to each person not like they are an observer relaying a report, but rather like they are a player inventing and being a possibility.

If there is a source of the miracles in the work of transformation, this is it.

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