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The Fundamental Inauthenticities In My Life:

The Possibility Of Being Charismatic

San Jose, California, USA

August 18, 2002

I get I'm being inauthentic when I don't take responsibility for my life. I'm a guy who co-invented "being responsible". Yet when I look, I see areas in my life where I'm not being responsible. I see islands in the splendid tropical seas of my life where responsibility is completely not present.

It's not just in the big aspects of my life where I see it. I see it in the small aspects of my life as well (it's sooo  pernicious!). It's said "Don't sweat the small stuff". But it's all  small stuff!

For example:

I wake in the morning, early - intent on making the most of my day - around 6:30am. Then I doze a bit more. Then I get up and check my e-mail. Then I get drawn in while the "world wide wait" downloads the daily news. And I sit there doing nothing while something I'm not even on purpose  with wastes my time. Then I look out of the window while I eat a bowl of cereal and daydream. Before I know it, it's now 8:30am and an entire two hours of my life has been wasted doing ... well, nothing!

Then the rest of the day has to be kickstarted in a rush, and I'll be complaining I don't have enough time. After I waste two perfectly great uninterrupted hours, I complain life is hard because I don't have enough time. I really get how irresponsible I am with regard to managing the time I have to live my life.

When I want a snack, I go to the refrigerator. I could reach for a peach, and some yogurt. But do I? No! Gimme some icecream and a chocolate chip cookie! Gimme a metabolic rush instead of the physical possibility of health. And then I go and stand on the bathroom scale and I berate myself for carrying a few extra unnecessary pounds, and I bemoan that and I wonder why ...

I get I'm not being responsible with regard to managing my body's health.

What being irresponsible costs me is energy, alacrity, connectedness, and credibility. The effect it has on others is they're thwarted, not gotten, unappreciated, and incomplete.

The possibility I'm inventing for myself and my life is the possibility of being charismatic.

How did I get to this possibility from that inauthenticity?

My life is given that whatever I be, do, or have, will inspire people. I live that whenever people get from me whatever they get from me, they're inspired.

Therefore I've got a million possibilities: the possibility of inspiring friendship, the possibility of inspiring wealth, the possibility of inspiring parenthood, even the possibility of inspiring time management, and the possibility of inspiring health. You know, the list goes on and on and on.

Charisma is that quality which when you have it, people may not even know what it is you have, but they're inspired by it and they know they want it ... whatever it is.

So when I said "The possibility I'm inventing for myself and my life is the possibility of being charismatic", it just fell out of my mouth, and I said: "Hello! Hello! Now that's  interesting ...".

The possibility of being charismatic includes all the other million possibilities, and it calls for the vanquishing of inauthenticity.

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