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A Quiet Celebration Of Triumph

Napa Valley, California, USA

April 15, 2010

"Here is where it is. Now is when it is. You are what it is. Celebrate!"  ... 

There are times like now (any time is a good time really, but especially times like NOW)  when it's opportune to pause and take a moment to quietly celebrate, for want of a better word, the triumph  of Life itself. And if you tell the truth about it, including just some of your circumstances and just some of your missteppings of the past, yes it is a triumph.

It's in moments like these when the opportunity is to just be  with yourself by your Self  and take stock of how you got here ie how it turned out like this - in this universe, in this galaxy, in this solar system, on this planet, in this place, at this time, exactly the way you are and exactly the way you aren't.

Running the entire gamut from before you were born (however and wherever you were then) until this very moment straddling, as you do now, the very prow of the great galleon of Life itself is it's utmost expression. You're its figurehead. You're the tip of its cosmic spear  if you will. This is its triumph. And it doesn't stop here. It continues to play and manifest more of itSelf ongoingly, endlessly, as you.

That's  what your life, out front and center of Life itself, is.

It's awesome  standing fully opened to the possibility of it's presence. It actually requires some muster. To stand fully opened in the presence of who you really are as the result so far  of Life itself, as the future possibility  of Life itself, as the triumph of Life itself will, if you let it all in at once, knock you on your ass.

This isn't egotism. This isn't patting yourself on the back  congratulating yourself on what you've accomplished. It's not even close. It's much more immediate  than either of those. What I'm speaking about here is much more subtle and much more profound. This is simply being with "I'm here"  like the triumph of Life itself. That's what's awesome. You didn't create "I'm here". It just shows up for you as the start of something. When you sit with "I'm here", there's a way of being with it which takes it for granted to the point of trivializing and diminishing the miracle  it really is. Then there's another way of being with "I'm here":  with respect, with wonder, and with awe. When you get it like that, it will take your breath away.

Celebrate it with respect. Celebrate it with wonder. Celebrate it with awe. Let it move you to tears  which it will do if you allow the miracle it is in ie if you allow its magnificence  in.

Who you really are is the triumph of Life itself. I celebrate who you really are as the triumph of Life itself - particularly as the triumph of Life itself over circumstances. I celebrate who you are as a possibility. I celebrate who you are as the start of something. It's neverendingly awesome to me what who you are unleashes in the universe. I thank you for standing up for not merely what you can get out of Life  but rather for what you can invent  for Life and bring forth like a possibility  of who you're being.

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