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A Rose By Any Other Name

Naples, Florida, USA

December 23, 2002

This essay, A Rose By Any Other Name, is the companion piece to

I've been called "The Godfather of Transformation", "The Grandfather of Transformation", "The Guardian Angel of Transformation" (I like that one ...), and "The Patron Saint  of Transformation".

Ooops! There goes my ego - clear out the window ...

Seriously, folks: I'm just a regular, ordinary (in many ways boring)  guy whose life before transformation didn't amount to much. Now there's all this ... and it's such a wonderful place to play, and the beauty of it and the bounty of it is all it is is a conversation.

This "leader" and "role model" stuff? I get it a lot from people. Whenever I get too much of it, I go into my bathroom, look at myself in the mirror, puff up my cheeks as big as they'll go, poke my tongue out as far as it will go, and blow myself a big, fat, slobbering razzie.

All I do is express mySelf coming from transformation, and the conversation takes care of itself. I'm not intent on putting a lot of significance into what I say.

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