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Sonoma, California, USA

July 15, 2009

I am indebted to a Friend who inspired this conversation.

I often wonder how You first noticed it: the obviousness, the such‑ness, the thus‑ness of it all. I mean, we (that is to say, every member of the entire human race now living plus all those who've ever lived before) have certainly had more than ample time to figure it out. Given this brief history of time (as Stephen Hawking may have said), having not enough time  (or resources, for that matter) is a lame excuse. And even those few who have noticed it haven't fully grasped and articulated the power and the possibility of it in quite the same way as You have. One of the beautiful ironies of life is how it's even possible to be alive and yet not know ie not have direct experience  of the such‑ness, the thus‑ness of it all. I don't know why it's so. And I'm unattached to there having to be a reason for it being this way. But it is. How can a bird not know the sky? How can a fish not know the ocean? How can a human being not know the such‑ness, the thus‑ness of it all? Yet mostly, truth be told, we don't. The truth, as they say, is often stranger than fiction.

If you don't have of the such‑ness, the thus‑ness of it all, if you don't know who you really  are, life correspondingly and consistently (and not surprisingly) shows up as "This isn't IT!". If life correspondingly and consistently shows up as "This isn't IT!", naturally enough we consider the wise men  among us, our "realized" masters  have something we don't have: a kind of secret  we don't yet know, the knowing of which would enlighten us enough to see the such‑ness, the thus‑ness of it all, enough to jog us loose from the deadening stupor to live, instead, coming from "This IS it!"

But there's no secret!  None. What could possibly be secretive about the such‑ness, the thus‑ness of it all? It's such!  It's thus!  It's so blindingly simple. When you finally get it you could kick yourself for not getting it sooner. Such‑ness. Thus‑ness. The un‑secret. The un‑Cola.

When you come to think about it given the prevailing climate of "This isn't IT!", if wholeness and fulfillment were to show up here  and now  in this  life rather than in the next one, that would by definition be a miracle, wouldn't it? Yes it would. And the thing about a miracle is pretty soon what a miracle makes possible becomes commonplace  to the point where everyone forgets the commonplace  was once considered to be a miracle.

If it weren't for the fact that You have already owned  the miracle, that You have already taken responsibility  for it, it may already be too late. Once anything becomes commonplace, once anything becomes passé  regardless of it's value, it's on a slow downward slide to what once was, to un‑hip, to no longer cool. Any developed language which once was useful bringing it forth rapidly devolves into jargon  and eventually disappears from everyday use.

There's only one thing I know which keeps it alive, which keeps it present, which keeps its enormous value front and center stage, and that's You. Just by speaking  it, just by staying in integrity by languaging  it, just by standing for it - in a word, just by being  it - You bring it forth and give it life. But embodying it this way isn't simply a matter of talking the talk  as well as walking the walk. It's way more than that - waaay  more. It's in the end, when all's been said about it and when all's been done about it, there's only one guise in which it ever shows up as anyway, and that's as You.

It doesn't diminish it in the least if the man standing next to me doesn't see who I see You being. He's not been where I've been. He's not heard what I've heard. He's not seen what I've seen. He doesn't have my point of view, and I don't expect him to - and by the way, neither does that stop me from having an enrollment conversation with him. The miracle is already in place. It's already fait accompli. You have created yourself as who You are. The fish has walked up on the land bringing with it elephants and eagles like a possibility, simply because You speak it. That's the miracle I'm referring to. If it hasn't yet registered with each and every one of the near seven billion human beings alive on the planet today, that's OK. What it's done is make it possible  for it to register with each and every one of the near seven billion human beings alive on the planet today. That's what we have now. That, right there, is the global impact of the miracle: before You came along, before You exuberantly burst onto the world stage and intensely into my most intimate life, we didn't even have it like a possibility.

We do now. Elephants are trumpeting at play. Eagles are soaring high.

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