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Do Seeds Doubt?

Alston Park, Napa Valley, California, USA

October 3, 2022

This essay, Do Seeds Doubt?, is the companion piece to It was written at the same time as That's Not You.

Now listen closely. Try this on for size. Here are three major, inexorable upshots of the view coming from transformation: "This is IT!"; "What is is, what isn't isn't"; and "Your life and my life have turned out, and once you get that, life goes on from a position of having turned out. That's called playing the game from win", all three of which are immediately, unmistakably, and undeniably Werner (being unerringly accurate as is his wont ie his penchant to always be).

Photography by Laurence Platt

Alston Park, Napa Valley, California, USA

9:39:23am PDT Monday October 3, 2022
Do seeds doubt they'll become mighty trees?
What I get from this trifecta  is that my life is always turning out in the bigger context of it having already turned out. And when I get that (I mean when I really get  it, when I really get the profundity of it and the enormity of it, when I really let it sink in) I can't help but wonder (with a certain chagrin) what purpose all my doubts fulfill, what all my fretting is for, what value all my concerns add, what end all my fears serve. My life has already  turned out. This is IT! So Q: doubt? fret? fear? ... but why?  A: Good question!

Do seeds doubt they'll become mighty trees?  No, it's way more than that. It's do seeds doubt, period?  Do seeds fret? Are seeds ever concerned? Do they fear for how their lives will turn out? Of course they don't (and life does quite alright by them, thank you very much). But we humans beings do. You and I do all of the above! So given that we do, I have to wonder whether or not it makes any difference  at all for us, given that both for humans and seeds, it turns out the way it turns out anyway regardless, yes?

There are times I forget that. They're when I find myself worrying concernedly about what on Earth  will happen next. Look: there are also many more times when I don't  worry. But in this context, that would be a chickenshit  share. So I'm dealing with there are times when I "find myself worrying concernedly about what on Earth will happen next". Yet my inquiry isn't to decelerate, disempower, diminish, or even resolve worry.

Rather it's to note its cosmic naïvete  and futility, specially when it's already  turned out, specially given "This (whatever  this is) is IT!". Seeds don't doubt. But I do - or at least from time to time I do. And when I do, I'm run by it, consumed by it. When I'm run by it, my life is heavy. And heaviness always  starts with me saying "This isn't  it" about something, which in turn ensures it's not going to go well, given that my life is always a match for what I speak. As soon as I get that ie as soon as I can re-instate presence of Self when the going gets heavy, I can re-create that life doesn't mean anything - except for the meaning I assign to it ... so now I can choose to make it mean whatever I want it to mean, or I can choose to be light and not make it mean anything at all.

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