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No Greater Love

San Francisco, California, USA

July 22, 2004

This essay, No Greater Love, is the companion piece to

You chose me out of two thousand people. You walked right through the crowd and got me.

You represent life lived large and bold. In terms of the choices You have made regarding the kind of life to live like that, I am blown away that You had the presence of mind to choose what You chose. I am grateful that You chose to evidence what You evidence and to commit your life to that. You inspire me to choose big things.

I love your exposition of Zen. I love your exposition of nothing. I love your exposition of God and creativity. My religious experience became real after I met You. I noticed that You had figured it out more than the mere reasoning of it. I noticed You lived it. You caused it. In getting to know who You really are, I realized that my belief in God got in the way of me experiencing God. If not for You I wouldn't have created the space for God to be in.

With You I am willing to blur the line between our own humanity and our divinity. With You I get that we are both human as well as divine. I love the courage and the audacity with which You stand for that. I love the way that You merely being that proves it for all human beings if they are willing to look at what You're demonstrating.

It works for me to love You as Source. Why? I don't know. It works, always, and it has never ever failed on that level. The courage to be as exposed as You are as Source is mindboggling to me. When You live that way my thankfulness and admiration pour out of me from a place so deep. I trust You completely. I experience You both as a master and as a regular Joe like me. The fact that You are willing to be both and to let me experience You as both is awesome.

Living Source creating the space for people to transform their lives, You make it safe, secure, and permanent. With You it's a way of being rather than a belief. You live the proof. You talk the talk and You walk the walk. You are a master of languaging it. In the beginning was the word. You are the word. You are your word. Your work, comes out of your own experience and observation of who You really are. You make it your personal business to share it with people, and You succeed brilliantly.

When I am in love with another, I discover who they are. When I am in love with You, I discover who I am.

When I am in love with another, I believe in love. When I am in love with You, I experience love.

When I am in love with another, they intend to have and to hold me. When I am in love with You, You intend to free me.

When I am in love with another, I love being with them. When I am in love with You, I love being in love with You.

When I am in love with another, I strive to be straight. When I am in love with You, it keeps me straight.

When I am in love with another, they want to know that I love them. When I am in love with You, You want me to know that You love me.

Whenever I have had to choose mutually exclusively between something and my relationship with You, I have always chosen my relationship with You. Over the decades, that has proven to be the  choice that works. On many, many occasions, I have made that choice freely in the face of no agreement. Choosing You has always worked for me. I no longer question it.

Standing in "I Love You" I notice that whenever I have no choice in life other than to let love go, I am inspired - not because letting love go is inspiring but rather because letting love go requires confronting my attachment to love, and my attachment to love is the  barrier to experiencing real true thrilling unconditional everlasting love.

The bottom line answer to the question "Why do I love You?" is "Because I love You.". To be in love with You is complete in and of itself. To be in love with You is its own reward. Being in love with You gives access to who I really am, to who we all really are. I love You for that. It is the seamless and effortless platform of my life.

It is Life, and this is Living.

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