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Last Word

Napa Valley, California, USA

January 4, 2002

This essay, Last Word, is the first in an open group on Language:
  1. Last Word
  2. Speaking Of Freedom
  3. The Transformation Of The World
  4. Constituted In Language
  5. Zen Bland
  6. Source Of Zen Bland: Hand Grasps Itself?
  7. Linguistic Acts
  8. Language: The Scalpel Of Experience
  9. Wordsmith
  10. Source Quote
  11. Being And Acting Out-Here: Presence Of Self Revisited
  12. My Word In The Matter
  13. You Are What You Speak
  14. Residue Of Meaning
  15. The Effortless Breakthrough
  16. The World's Conversation
  17. Read To Us
  18. Everything You Say
  19. Breakfast With The Master IV: Language As Music
  20. Leading With My Word
  21. Language And Results
  22. No, It's What You Say  About It
  23. Located Inside Language
  24. Be A Good Day
  25. Words Are Like Numbers
in that order.

It is also the prequel to You Are What You Speak.

I once led a seminar in Cape Town, South Africa. The topic of conversation turned to transformation. People asked how transformation happens - literally, where does transformation show up?  Some said transformation happens "in the mind". A couple said transformation only happens "in a pure nervous system". One guy said transformation is "a positive psychological state". A woman said she knew transformation when she experienced it but she couldn't say with certainty how it happens ie where it comes from.

I said to them "There's nothing worth believing in what I'm about to say, so just try this on for size: Transformation shows up in ... my ... mouth. Transformation happens in my language and in my speaking. And when I'm no longer speaking transformation, then I'm no longer transformed.".

In an earlier, health conscious time, it was said "You are what you eat.". I also heard it said in a later, wealth conscious time "You are what you wear.". I would like to propose, instead - for today and for the future - "You are what you speak.".

This is the timeless gift of transformation: in the beginning (and in the end), The Word ...

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