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Landmark Forum Evening Session, Broadway, San Francisco, California, USA

March 26, 2013

"Transformation shows up in my mouth." ... 
"Transformation is being in a conversation for transformation. When you are no longer in a conversation for transformation, you are no longer transformed." ... 
"Nothing happens until someone says something." ... 
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It is also the eleventh in an open group inspired by Landmark Programs: It is also the fifth in an open group on Source: I am indebted to Jerome Pekas and to Charlene Afremow who inspired this conversation.

Consider language.

To us human beings, language is like air to a bird, like water to a fish. It's the milieu  in which we live and breathe. Yet the such-ness of it, the thus-ness of it, is so already always present, is so already always obvious  that we take it for granted. It's never fully examined. It's hardly even noticed. Yet it's the context  for our every moment. Language is the fabric  of our lives. It's the very substance of our being. Who we really are  is constituted in language (as Werner Erhard may have said).
Werner alerted us, the group of people who happened to be visiting with him at the time, to the relationship between language and transformation by, in the course of the conversation we were having, asking us "Where  does transformation show up?".

Where. Not how. Not even why. No, where. That's provocative. But that's Werner.

There were all the usual answers, all the expected answers and a few unexpected answers. There were even some novel answers. Transformation shows up in Life. Transformation shows up in my brain. Transformation shows up in the world. Transformation shows up in a glass (... O  ... K  ...). Transformation shows up in enlightenment. Transformation shows up in my actions. Transformation shows up in generosity  (I like that one). On and on it went for about an hour ... until Werner suggested "How about: transformation shows up in my mouth?".

* * *

That was the start of my appreciation of language as the possibility of transformation. It was the start of my appreciation of the spoken word  as the possibility of transformation. It also enabled me to own my  role in Werner speaking transformation: I'm a listening  for Werner speaking transformation ... a listening, that is, until I'm listened in the conversation, which is when I become a speaking  for transformation.

There it incontrovertibly was, close up, face to face, larger than life, and twice as natural: language (speaking and listening) as the possibility of ie as the primary domain  of transformation. What occurred for me along with this primary domain was the possibility of language as writing and reading  ie as a secondary  domain of (which is to say as an honorable approximation to)  transformation - and I became a writer ... just ... like ... that  ... a writer with an already proven track record of years and years  speaking transformation.

Soon afterwards I had the privilege of visiting with Werner again, this time privately. By then I'd been writing prolifically for a while. One of the items on our crowded agenda was the title of a website I created on which I posted my written work, various essays, koans  etc all inspired by his ideas. I had titled this website "The Werner Erhard Essays", a title which came from the inspiration his ideas are for my essays and all my collected writings.
Werner pointed out although he got the inspiration implication  of the title, there was also a real danger it would create confusion for people by implying he - not I - was the author of the writings on my website.

Yes, a website titled "The Werner Erhard Essays", regardless of why I gave it that title, could indeed imply he was the author - not I. I got it. And so our focus turned to coming up with a more appropriate title for my website.

During a previous visit with Werner, I listened intently as one of his guests asked him to define transformation. Werner's response, although I didn't realize it at the time, would later become the source quote  for my website. This is what he said:




And here I am, trying to come up with a more appropriate title for my website. It was perfect.

So I said to him excitedly "Werner it's 'Conversations For Transformation'!  That's it! That's the new title: 'Conversations For Transformation, essays inspired by the ideas of Werner Erhard, by Laurence Platt'.".

After a moment of quiet contemplation, he said: "No. 'Conversations For Transformation, essays by Laurence Platt, inspired by the ideas of Werner Erhard'.". He had interchanged the second and the third clause of my proposed title, the generosity of which blew me away. And then, after another quiet moment, he said (very subtly, so at first I didn't realize he was actually extending  the title) "... and more".

"That leaves it open" he said, leaning back in his chair smiling, his hands behind his head.

It does. It's vintage Erhard:  Conversations For Transformation, essays by Laurence Platt, inspired by the ideas of Werner Erhard ... and more.

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