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Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

June 17, 2013

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so far, in that order.

I am indebted to Professor William Warren "Bill" Bartley III who inspired this conversation.

People who meet him say it's the first thing they notice about him. A more rigorous way to say this may be: people who meet him say it's the first thing they can't not  notice about him because it simply grabs  their attention.

It's the essential quality he brings to every occasion. It's an extraordinary  quality, to be sure. You recognize it immediately with every fiber of your being when you experience him for the first time, even though you may never have experienced this particular human quality before. You can tell what it is straight away even though you may never have known it or seen it before. Clearly it's a human quality - because it's brought forth by a human being. But just as clearly, it's uncommon. You get  when he presents it, that it's uncommon. By "uncommon" I mean "rare". It's so rare in fact that, for all intents and purposes, he's totally unique  this way.

By bringing forth this quality, he ups the ante  for everyone around him to bring forth the same quality. But listen: it's not a quality he brings forth only occasionally, like on special occasions. It's not something he has at stake only sometimes. Rather it's a quality he always  brings forth with everyone around him - which is to say with everyone he works with, which is to say with everyone he's in relationship with, which is to say with everyone  - period.

It's the quality which some call ruthless compassion. That's good. It's actually pretty close to what it is. But for me, although "ruthless  compassion" comes close to what it really is and may even be a component  of what it really is, it doesn't totally capture it. I'd like to suggest the quality of which we speak is actually relentless  compassion rather than merely ruthless  compassion. Or simply relentless‑ness. He's relentless - compassionate is a given.

There's a shift in order of magnitude from ruthless to relentless. Do you get it? Granted, it's unusual to use the two words "relentless" and "compassion" in the same phrase or sentence. But by "unusual" I mean unusual like a breakthrough in being  ... and it only proves his thesis of what's possible for human beings to call his unique breakthrough in being, unusual.

Indeed you could call him unusual. You could also call him many other things. Whatever you call him, he's anything but  business as usual. Yes, you could call him a business man. His products are unabashedly marketed to businesses and also as  businesses, each of which set the gold standard for excellence in delivery, and for superior customer satisfaction. Yet he's anything but usual.

In relating to people as their strengths  and not as their complaints nor as their considerations nor as their rackets, he's relentless. In relating to who people really are (that's people as everyone  - not only people as his customers) there's no let up. Ever. Not once. No one left out. Not one exception. Not for one moment.

He's been relentless with people like this 24 / 7 / 365 for the last forty two years, and more. It's uncanny. There are no signs of him stopping. For most people, keeping this up for one day  let alone 24 / 7 / 365 for forty two years, would be exhausting. For him it's effortless. Actually for him I suspect it's more than that. For him ... it's ... a ... demonstration.

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