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Being Around Werner

Sears Point, California, USA

July 12, 2013

"If you keep saying it the way it really is, eventually your word is law in the universe."  ... 
This essay, Being Around Werner, is the companion piece to It is also the thirteenth in the complete group of Experiences Of A Friend (click here for the open group Experiences Of A Friend II):
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so far, in that order.

It is also the second in the hexalogy Coaching: It is also the prequel to Coaching By Osmosis.

Photography by Jo Fielder - Breakthrough Racing - 1979
Werner Erhard
It's a simple fact of happenstance: before there were trainings, before there were courses, before there were seminars, before there were symposia, before there were worldwide enterprises committed to making the work of transformation available in any number of cities and countries in many languages, the way you got it  was by being around Werner.

If you say that's contentious, I want you to know I hear you. And I'm completely fine saying it that way. I have no problem acknowledging it's authenticity - which is to say I've taken no issue with it, no quarrel with it. Here's why:

You could argue the theory of relativity  isn't the property of any one particular person. I happen to agree with you. But until Professor Albert Einstein isolated and made its distinctions available for humanity, relativity wasn't accessible through language  to anyone. You could just as well argue the force of gravity  isn't the property of any one particular person. I would also agree with you. But until Sir Isaac Newton isolated and made its distinctions available for humanity, gravity wasn't accessible through language to anyone. And "accessible through language"  is the essence.

Similarly you could argue transformation  isn't the property of any one particular person. I would agree with you on this score too. But until Werner Erhard isolated and made its distinctions available for humanity, transformation wasn't accessible through language to anyone. And that's how it is for us folks here on Planet Earth, yes? It's people  who bring forth new ideas. The design for the hip-shaped  Coca Cola bottle didn't just fall out of the sky. Having said that, when I asked Werner "Who is the source of transformation? In particular, who is the source of this transformation in my life? Is it you?", he answered me "No, it's you. You have this transformation because you created it. That's all.".

It's true. I created this. There's no doubt about that whatsoever. But here's the thing: what's appropriate for me personally to give back is "Yes I created this ... and you created the space for me to create it.". You see, I for one am 1,000% totally OK with acknowledging source. And no, I'm not coerced to. Nobody is. It's not expected. But for me, transforming my life and Life itself, and acknowledging source are like the front and the back of my hand: they're inseparable. This relationship, this dance  with transformation and acknowledgement makes for profound love, for intimate friendship, for (I say) privilege.

Now, to be sure, you could say it's also  contentious and pure ego  for me to deem this relationship, this dance to be a privilege. But it is. It is a privilege.

Listen: the privilege about which I speak has less to do with associating with any particular player in this piece, than it has to do with being awake to the opportunity transformation is, together. It's a privilege to play in this game with Werner and with you this way. It's a privilege for me because I say it's a privilege for me. And you'll make up your own mind for yourself whether or not I'm on an ego trip or if I'm just naïve ... or if I'm simply telling the truth.

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