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At Home As Self

Fairfield Inn, American Canyon, California, USA

June 30, 2012

This essay, At Home As Self, is the second in the complete group of Experiences Of A Friend (click here for the open group Experiences Of A Friend II):
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so far, in that order.

It is also the fifth in an octology on Self:

I gradually realized he doesn't allocate his resources the same way as me. That is to say, he doesn't allocate his resources the same way as I allocated my resources before I met him. Before I met him I measured allocating my resources in time. Because that's what I had: twenty four hours worth every day. Whatever I allocated as resources all had to come out of my twenty four hours worth total daily allowance.

As I got to know him, as I came into knowing a new possibility for being, I realized the way I held allocating resources out of my twenty four hours worth total daily allowance, was kind of ... well ... quaint. Being around him, I started sensing the possibility of allocating my resources like he does: allocating resources out of space  rather than out of time. Whereas before I might have asked myself "Do I have enough time  to do this?" (to be sure, in the beginning I had no clue  there was any other way to ask it), as I watched him at work I started seeing how I could ask a much more powerful question by asking not about time but instead about being  ... like this: "Do I have enough being, do I have enough Self, do I have enough space  to do this?".

That's transformation. I'll be be honest with you: I love the life I get to live this way. I've not got much interest in having my old life back and doing Life that way again. Honest I don't.

When I first met him I knew he was great. That much was unmistakable. Great like nothing going on. Great like open, accessible, and available. Great like listening to you as if you're the most important thing going on in the universe right now. Great like radiating love and knowing you notice  he's radiating love. Great like having passed the point of being driven to figure Life out. Great like having gotten to the point of knowing there never was  anything to figure out in the first place.

Great like when you're with him, you get it too - by sheer osmosis  and direct infusion. Great in that way. Great like that.

The undistinguished greatness  (if you will) you get from a person when you first meet them, creates a clearing to get the depth of their greatness over time as you watch them work, as you watch how  they work. If it's the greatness of the first meeting which gets you to see their  greatness, then it's watching them work over time which gets you to see the possibility of your own greatness.

At least that's how he landed for me. I don't measure allocating my life by time any more - at least there's now ample evidence I don't have to. I measure allocating my life and my resources, by being. In doing so, I discover this is when Life catapults from the dull, from the drab and the ordinary, springing clear over the merely extraordinary  and not stopping until the realm of the miraculous is reached. And you don't have to be at home for it to happen either. The possibility is it happens evenly wherever you are. That's because you only and always are really and truly at home as Self.

That's the greatness I got access to and was blown away balls to the wall  inspired by - starting with a greatness like nothing going on  and then coming to maturity with a greatness like allocating life and resources by being rather than by time. To say it's anything less than a privilege to be around it and bear witness to it and participate with it, is really not to tell the truth at all.

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