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St Mungo, Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

June 8, 1983

This essay, Participation, is the ninth in a group of twelve adapted from my thesis BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING:

What people really want to do in life is participate. People really want their lives to matter, to make a difference.

Truly there's no answer for anyone who asks why people want to participate. People want to participate because they want to participate.

From within that tautology I see that in a very real sense, we are  participation. What we need to do is rehabilitate this essential nature.

We want our participation to count. We want our lives to make a difference. We want to be known as people whose word can be counted on to the degree when if we say we're going to make something happen, then you can bet everything you own it will happen.

It makes no sense at all that we should be this way, and this is the way we turn out to be.

This essay, Participation, recreates Observation 14: What We Need Is Something That Doesn't Make Any Sense At All of my thesis BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING which is available at

The essay BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING introduces the thesis.

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