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Packing My Own Parachute

Durbanville, South Africa

June 8, 1983

This essay, Packing My Own Parachute, is the fourth in a group of twelve adapted from my thesis BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING:

Paying close attention to detail goeswith  life working (as Alan Watts may have said).

I became aware of minute details of my equipment while packing my own parachute during a skydiving intensive - threads, specks, patterns in the weaving of the reserve parachute pack, and similarly fine details of the harness and skydiving gear when I came to put them on.

So pointed did my attention become that a focus, which allowed me to notice everyone and everything all around me in intimate detail, became spontaneously enlivened. It was both pleasing and refreshing, a perceptual opening, a melting away of mists from my field of vision.

If I paid as much attention to detail in my daily life as I paid while packing my own parachute while preparing for skydiving, my life would work infinitely better.

From now on, I will live as if my life depends on it.

This essay, Packing My Own Parachute, recreates Observation 7: Attention To Detail of my thesis BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING which is available at

The essay BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING introduces the thesis.

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