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Durbanville, South Africa

June 8, 1983

This essay, Skydiving, is the seventh in a group of twelve adapted from my thesis BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING:

You and I realize how magnificent we are when we go beyond our limits.

I'm falling through space, accelerating at thirty two feet per second per second, two and a half thousand feet above Earth.

... no mind ... no thoughts ... no emotions ... no senses ... no sensations ... no shape ... no form ... an embryonic awareness of an infinitely compassionate Love sufficient unto itSelf to create ... the force of gravity ... nothing ...

You are bigger than any considerations you may have about yourSelf. In fact, you can know how big you actually are by the size of the largest consideration which you are bigger than.

This essay, Skydiving, recreates Observation 11: Magnificence Is A Function Of Going Beyond Your Limits of my thesis BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING which is available at

The essay BREAKTHROUGH SKYDIVING introduces the thesis.

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