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Eye To Eye

Judd's Hill, Napa Valley, California, USA

May 18, 2013

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so far, in that order.

It was written at the same time as

There's a certain look people have in their eyes when they're lost in thought. I could describe this as the way people appear when they're looking inside  ie when they're being introspective. But I don't find the distinction inside  to be very useful - especially with regard to the transformation of who we really are. So to describe this particular look as the look people have when they're lost in thought rather than as when they're looking inside is good enough for jazz.

There's another look people have in their eyes when they're avoiding making eye contact. No, I'm not saying when they're avoiding making eye contact for any reason  - just avoiding making eye contact. And for some people, that's all the time  ie that's their modus operandi. When I look them in the eye, they'll look anywhere except  in my eyes. They're not lost in thought, and neither are they out here. Rather, they're out there  - which is to say they're not being introspective, and they're not being fully present either. Describing what this look is as being out there, is also good enough for jazz - it's not exactly that.

Then there's another look people have in their eyes when they're being fully present, when they're fully out here being with me. When I look them in the eye, they're looking me in my eye. They're fully out here being with me - and one of the ways I can tell they're fully out here being with me, is via this particular look in their eyes when they're looking me in the eye. It's apparent, obvious. "The eyes are the window to the soul" - yet that's not it either.

Photography by Kenneth Yamamoto - Tuesday May 31, 1977
Werner Erhard
I'm sitting across the table from him. Yes this is a fine restaurant, and yes the food is fabulous. But this isn't what I'm really paying attention to. We're talking amiably and animatedly, joyed to be together again. I pause, a forkful of salad almost to my mouth ... and that's when I fully notice the look in his eyes as he's looking directly into my eyes. This look of his is a look I've never seen before. It takes my breath away (just as well my mouth is empty).

The look in his eyes cues me  he's fully out here. He's looking at me directly, straight into my eyes, fully present, being with me. And what I also see in his eyes is while he's not being introspective, he's totally lit up  inside. Then again, while "lit up inside"  isn't the most useful way to say it, saying it this way is also good enough for jazz. He's being both. He's fully out here looking into my eyes fully present being here with me ... and  ... he's totally lit up.

There's more. There's something else. There's something he does  with his eyes which, in a split second, alters my entire way of being, something which gives me an entirely new possibility of being for my own being, something which gives me a whole new possibility of being for all human beings. What he does is he looks into my eyes fully out here fully present being with me ... and  ... he's totally lit up ... while his eyes are exactly on and with his eyes.

Now, there comes a point in sharing any experience when words become inadequate to describe it. There's a point in every experience beyond which it can't be captured in words, which is ineffable, which is beyond language - and this is one such occasion. His eyes are exactly on and with his eyes while he's out here fully present totally lit up. And what I'm getting from him is an invitation, an invitation which is boldly saying "Be this!  Take it. It's yours.".

His invitation is really saying much more than merely "Be this!" - as powerful as that may be. It's coaching "Do  this! You can do  this!" (I did say it was what he did  with his eyes). It's offering "Have  this!". Across the entire visual spectrum, both introspectively and out here, he shares his transformation.

Listen! That thing he did with his eyes while looking into my eyes? It isn't it. Gee! I hope you get that. What he did with his eyes looking into my eyes was simply his invitation which triggered my experience. It's really important I communicate this - otherwise it will sound like all I'm suggesting is the option of some kind of mimicry, of some form of simple apery. No, it's what he did with his eyes which brought forth a new possibility - for me and for everyone.

Picasso's act of showing us how to pick up a brush, wouldn't paint Blue Nude. Rather his act of picking up a brush is the possibility  of painting Blue Nude.

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