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Ordinary Life Extraordinary Commitment

Rutherford Hill, Napa Valley, California, USA

August 7, 2006
Reposted January 5, 2021

This essay, Ordinary Life Extraordinary Commitment, is the companion piece to Intergalactic Dude.

I am indebted to Kihā "Billy" Pimental who inspired this conversation.

My life is ordinary. I'm slightly overweight. I no longer try to hide the unwanted bulge of my belly. I live in a nice cottage which I don't sweep or dust often enough (my car needs a wash too). I enjoy watching "reality" TV and music videos of golden oldies. I like comparing prices in the supermarket and getting the best deals.

I'm committed to the miraculous. I'm committed to who we really are - I mean, to who we really  are, like pure context, like Life itself, like the possibility of possibility, like we're god in our universe. As long as I can remember, I've known who I really am. Waking up in the morning and just being alive is usually enough for me. It makes me happy. It brings wonder. Not all people live this way. It was many years before I, in my naïve innocence, realized why I, being blind to that, was out of step with the general populace. Now, having completed this for myself, who I am comes forth naturally into the world. I'm committed to your commitment.

I don't always have what I want, but somehow I have what I need. I dream about moving to Hawai'i, living on the beach and surfing every day. I'm slightly frustrated that I'm not there right now.

I live inside a self-generated paradigm which allows everything including inconsistencies to be the way it is and the way it isn't. If I notice something is inconsistent, I examine its source and I put in corrections. Being inconsistent isn't wrong. But arguably, noticing inconsistencies and not  putting in corrections, is playing small.

I notice I'm attached to looking good in whatever I do. I justify it by saying it's a good advertisement for transformation. Lately I've come to realize that the best advertisement for transformation, is having the courage to share who I am and what's happening in my life exactly as it occurs  regardless of whether it looks good, or not. Whatever is going on, is just what's so. Interestingly enough, what's so is closer to the miraculous than any opinion that this doesn't look good, could ever be.

Occasionally I don't live what I stand for. I ascribe that to being human. I'm not particularly interested in continuing doing what I'm doing when I'm not living what I stand for. Like being inconsistent, not always living what I stand for isn't wrong either. But when I notice I'm not living what I stand for, I put in corrections. I communicate apologies if they're what's needed. I regard 'fessing up to my errors, to be the act of a big person - not to mention essential  if life is to move on.

It's clear to me if I don't invent new possibilities, nothing extraordinary will happen, and I'll continue to live my same old same old  ordinary life, just getting by  (I'm good at coping). I'm committed to creating the future by looking at what's not working, then inventing new possibilities for myself and my life. When I do that, extraordinary things happen. I'm committed to inventing the possibility of communication, transformation, and freedom, and I'm committed to sharing it in a way that's easily available to everyone. The world provides ample evidence of what things look like when there's not enough of that available ie when there's too little of it.

Once in a while I like an ice cold beer. Perhaps I don't read enough. I eat healthily but I'm no gourmet chef. I procrastinate. I like listening to the radio in my car. Sometimes I forget to floss.

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