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St John, United States Virgin Islands

June 29, 2001

Recently I spent two weeks sailing and diving on vacation on the island of St John in the United States Virgin Islands with twenty four of my family.

In the evenings, after we had sailed home and moored the yacht and gotten down to the business of talking, sharing, being together, and reveling in the moment as family, I kept noticing that in various forms, what people really are about and what they really want for themselves and for their families in life is transformation.

That's the bottom line.

Some of them see it and realize that they have always wanted it. Some of them know that they want it but they do not know how or where to get it. Some of them do not yet know that that is what they really want, and paradoxically - even when presented with it face to face, close up, larger than life and twice as natural - because of the belief systems they have crafted together (I say "crafted" to imply "woven" as well as "crafty" ie "sly"), they resist transformation.

And it's all genuine. It's all different expressions of the listening people are ie of the listening you speak into when you share transformation.

Every human being, because of who they really are, wants transformation, whether they realize that or not. So if you speak to that listening, communication is accurate.

When I speak for you, I serve you. When I listen for you, I am you.

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