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Sirius' Passion Play

Coombsville Appellation, Napa Valley, California, USA

October 24, 2013

This essay, Sirius' Passion Play, is the companion piece to Orion.

It is also the sixth in a group of nine on Passion:


Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. It's twice as massive as the Sun. It can be seen from almost every inhabited region of the Earth's surface. The name Sirius is derived from the ancient Greek seirios  meaning "glowing" or "scorcher". It also means "moving consciousness from one reality to another, "spirit of wisdom", and "brightly radiating one".

"Who are  you?" I beseech her - eagerly, enchantedly, totally at peace, the tip of my nose a quarter inch from the tip of hers, my arms wrapped around her arms wrapped around me. "I have  to know who you are. I mean who are you really?". "I'm Sirius" she says nonchalantly, playfully, teasing me like I should already know that, smiling her smile like a warm, blue tropical lagoon which invites me - no, compels  me - to dive into it and swim in it, at home eternally.

Sirius isn't her real name, of course. She says she's Sirius to evoke something she wants to convey in answer to my question. In any case, whatever her real name is, it isn't who she really is - no one's is. But when she says she's Sirius, I know who she's being by being Sirius. I know the hugeness of Sirius. And I know almost every single human being who's ever walked the face of this Earth has seen Sirius. I know Sirius glows brighter than any other star, and she's (colloquially) hot. Suddenly I realize (it's like osmosis) what she really wants me to get by saying she's Sirius: she's reminding me it's I who's bringing to her whatever it is I say is great about her. It's I who brings to her all the greatness I ascribe to her. It's I who imbues in her all the fabulous qualities of Sirius.

To be sure, when I look at her, she really is  great. Anyone can see that. But that's also the start of the trap, the edge of the slippery slope over which I'm instinctively cautious not to slide: if I want her greatness, I have to go over there  to her to get it. What she makes possible is me bringing greatness to her, rather than going over there to get it from her. It's a possibility which makes passion effortlessly easy (passion I say isn't as much the finding  of something great and the satisfaction which comes with getting it, as it's the bringing of something great to bear and the victory  which comes with experiencing that).

Then comes a shock as I realize I've met her before - this isn't the first time. What's shocking is being with her here and not remembering the first location. Where  was the first place I met her? The first time I met her must have been a long, long  time ago - it could have even been decades ago ... but where?

Try as I might, I just can't remember. She has the kind of beautifully unforgettable face which instantly etches itself permanently into your memory as soon as you see it. You remember it forever - you know, it's that  kind of face. But where  was it I saw this face for the first time? Where?  ... and then suddenly I remember where: everywhere. I've seen her everywhere. She's everywoman. I've seen her face before in every woman's face I've ever seen. That's where.

Where I've met her before is in every woman I've ever met. Where I've experienced her passion before is in the heart of each of the human beings I've ever known. Passion is Sirius. Sirius is passion. To experience anyone's passion is to experience Sirius' passion. To experience her passion is to know everyone's.

"Wow! She really is  Sirius" I say to myself, amazed it actually works this way. Sirius, laying there on her side beaming, her head propped up on her hand, her face awash in a cascade of auburn curls, spotlights me with her direct, calm, nothing going on over here  radiant, twinkling smile. She isn't out to take my love, nor does she allow me to be taken by hers. Instead the love she makes is pure Self‑expression. Hers are the actions of near total Self‑sufficiency.

Sirius is glowing, bright, hot, scorching  in fact. In her not needing one single thing from me, she's totally irresistible to me.

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