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There's Nothing To Get And There's Nothing To Fix

Naples, Florida, USA

December 23, 2002

This essay, There's Nothing To Get And There's Nothing To Fix, is the companion piece to It is also the second in a group of twenty one on Nothing:

I really get when you tell me "I'm working on myself", it's like breathing for you. It's there in the background of your entire life, unquestioned, and totally accepted as just what's so, with the result that how life shows up for you is congruent with "I'm working on myself" and incongruent with "I'm OK".

There's nothing to change. There's nothing to fix, and nothing's wrong. If "I'm working on myself" is there like an inner dialogue for you, then it's there, and so what?! Let it be there. Don't pander to it. Thank it for sharing, and don't add to it.

What's interesting is we don't say we can change or stop "I'm working on myself", and nor do we say we can fix it, and nor do we promise you will ever get to the point in life where you've completed the work your inner dialogue says you're doing on yourself.

Also, we say your inner dialogue saying "I'm working on myself" being there doesn't mean anything is wrong. So where, then, is the power to disappear ie to end the chatter "I'm working on myself" if we don't change it, fix it, or make it right?

The real power comes from your naked sharing of what's so for you. There's no power in the jabbering of "I'm working on myself and the reason why I feel blah blah blah is that blah blah blah happened then blah blah blah happened and now I'm blah blah blah so I'm working on myself and blah blah blah."

Cows go "Moo moo!", pigs go "Oink oink!", chickens go "Cheep cheep!", and human beings go "Blah blah blah!" (as Old MacDonald may have said).

Old MacDonald was a wise, wise man.

When you share what's so, you become its author rather than its victim. In that is the mastery, and in that, no work is required on yourself because you're already whole and complete, just the way you are, and just the way you aren't.

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