Acknowledgement of the ILP Participants, Coaches, and Leaders

Acknowledgement of the ILP Participants, Coaches, and Leaders:

Photography by Peter Ashken - Chameleon House, Harleston, Norfolk, England
Tuesday April 23, 2002
Manhattan, New York, USA


I'm Laurence.

In Times Square in Manhattan (where I am now) and in Piccadilly Circus in London (where I was two weeks ago), the highest visible expression in both places is a huge, white billboard with plain black lettering, saying simply:

imagine all the people
living life in peace

Those billboards were commissioned and placed in the major cities of the world by Yoko Ono, a graduate of our work, as the legacy of her husband, John Lennon. John Lennon imagined something truly remarkable. And there is a distinction between imagining something, and bringing it forth as a reality.

All of You, the ILP Participants, Coaches, and Leaders, are bringing forth living life in peace as a reality by giving yourself to the conversation that generates it. Whenever you step out and take a stand for that which is not now possible becoming possible, there is an opening for people to move beyond mere imagination, and to cause extraordinary realities. What creates the possibility of all the people living life in peace is inventing a future worth living into.

People love who you really are. Don't hold back. Generate who you really are in the world as your word. I want you to know how utterly inspiring you each are. I consider that for you to have afforded me this intimacy of hearing your conversations shift from imagination to causing possibility is truly a privilege. Thank You All for being in communication during this program, especially Nodu and Tony and Judith.

I am your Friend and your Partner and your Ally. I am always available to you, should you choose that access.

Thank You for your Work.

I Love You.

Laurence Platt©

The Friends of the Landmark Forum in South Africa