Communication for the People Who Assist the Landmark Forum of July 2001 in South Africa

Communication for the People Who Assist the Landmark Forum of July 2001 in South Africa:

Friday June 22, 2001
St John, United States Virgin Islands, Caribbean Ocean


I'm Laurence.

What I want you to be clear about is that I know that without you being here to assist, the Landmark Forum in South Africa would not happen. It's as simple as that. There would be no Landmark Forum in South Africa. That is not because we could not hire workers if you were not here. It is because you coming in to assist is the gift out of which transformation becomes possible.

Not only are you playing on a dynamic, powerful team that will call on you to be brilliant at every minute, and not only will you get to manage the logistics of the physical universe to a degree that you could not have imagined possible before, but you will also be creating a safe space for transformation. That is the reward of assisting. Anyone who has assisted before knows that a lot is demanded from the people who assist - and only excellence will do. And the best kept secret about assisting is the privilege. it is to participate intimately with people as they transform their lives.

In 1979, I started this conversation in South Africa. when I presented the first ten seminars in the major cities, and enrolled the first thousand people. Now there is all this! I want you to know that whether you have met me or not, you and I already have a relationship that you can count on. I am your Friend and Partner and Ally. I am always available to you, should you choose to access that.

Enjoy Yourselves. Thank You for being here.

I Love You.

Laurence Platt©

The Friends of the Landmark Forum in South Africa