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Sleep After Transformation III

Los Altos, California, USA

March 5, 2003

This essay, Sleep After Transformation III, is the third in the quadrilogy Sleep After Transformation:
  1. Sleep After Transformation
  2. Sleep After Transformation II
  3. Sleep After Transformation III
  4. Sleep After Transformation IV
in that order.

It is the companion piece to Awake To Life.

No one has to do this or take this on, but I assert in the new realm of possibility, anyone can take on being the master of sleep.

Once we thought smoking cigarettes was OK. It turns out smoking will kill you. Once we thought red meat and potatoes was a good diet. It turns out it'll clog your arteries. Once we thought we needed  to have ten hours of sleep a night.

In the public domain, we've not vanquished that one yet. But I assert, just like cigarettes and red meat, what really works is probably not what we once thought works, nor what current lore dictates.

If you bring conscious intention to bear when you're awake, miracles happen. So why not bring conscious intention to bear when you're asleep? And don't say you can't do it - you can. If you do, not only is a whole new realm of possibility available to you, but so are many, many more waking hours of your day too.

Escape sleep  is sleeping in order to escape life. Pure  sleep is sleeping in order to sleep. Transformation provides a context in which it's safe to tell the truth about which is which.

If you're willing to distinguish escape sleep from pure sleep, and if you're willing to stand for that distinction, you could reduce the number of hours of sleep you think you need, starting immediately, thereby having more waking alert fresh hours available to you in your fixed twenty four hour day.

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