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The Newest Piece Of Work

Cowboy Cottage, East Napa, California, USA

March 28, 2018

This essay, The Newest Piece Of Work, is the third in the twelfth trilogy Questions For A Friend:
  1. What Will I Do When You Die?
  2. Access
  3. The Newest Piece Of Work
in that order.
The first trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Prelude
  2. Ask Me Anything
  3. Coming Around Again
in that order.
The second trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Familiar Unfamiliar Territory
  2. Interview
  3. Straight Talk
in that order.
The third trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Dancing With My Mouth
  2. Cave Paintings
  3. Velvet Tsunami
in that order.
The fourth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Creating Creating
  2. Tell Me Something About Nothing
  3. Lucid Disclosures
in that order.
The fifth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Closer And Closer
  2. Tête À Tête
  3. Dancing With Life
in that order.
The sixth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. What Would I Ask You If I Could Ask You Anything?
  2. Wonderings About Nothing In Particular
  3. Tipping Point
in that order.
The seventh trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Beyond Breathing Underwater
  2. Bold Faced Truth
  3. What You Create For Yourself About Me
in that order.
The eighth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Once In A Lifetime
  2. Fireside Chat
  3. Whole And Complete
in that order.
The ninth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Questions For A Friend
  2. Nothing Else I'd Rather Be Doing
  3. Free To Be And Free To Act
in that order.
The tenth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Attracted To Dance
  2. I Told A Friend I Love You
  3. Terse Transformed Communication
in that order.
The eleventh trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. A Context Worth Playing In
  2. Tie The Brush To My Hand
  3. Unimaginably Terse
in that order.
The thirteenth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. Worthy Of The Company
  2. Creating Them For Myself
  3. Standing With Masters
in that order.
The fourteenth trilogy Questions For A Friend is:
  1. This Context Of Privilege
  2. I'm Not Going To Let It Go
  3. Questions For A Friend XIV III: Not Yet Titled (working title)
in that order.
This essay, The Newest Piece Of Work, is also the prequel to A Structure For Who You Are Really:  A Speculation.

Secondarily, the truth about being entrusted with this access to Werner and being given permission to ask him any questions I want to ask him in this ongoing series of interactions I invented and titled Questions For A Friend (of which this is our twelfth interaction in the series) is it's a priceless opportunity. You simply can't quantify its value in ordinary terms. It's an opportunity I don't take lightly. It's an opportunity I've never taken for granted. And as one of the custodians of these worldwide Conversations For Transformation, I can attest that a great deal of the back-story  behind constructing each question (coming up with ten great ones is a process that can take weeks)  involves choosing questions which will have the most powerful impact with the highest reward for the greatest good of everyone who's fortunate enough to be within earshot.

Primarily, the truth about being entrusted with this access to Werner is it's simply a privilege for me personally to be in this kind of relationship with him ongoingly. Really.

By choosing ten questions with no expectations as to how many of them he'll answer, I grant Werner the freedom to focus his energy on that which he wants to focus on. And whether he answers one or ten or some or none  of my questions in any particular interaction, all interactions with Werner are holographic  in this regard: the whole contains every piece, and every piece contains the whole (listen: figuring that one out, is the best Zen koan there is).

The Fifth Question

"Am I accurate in describing the upcoming Mastery Course ("Being a Master of Life: What It Takes" - New York, April 2018) as the next iteration of your work after (ie as the sequel to) the Leadership Course? If not, how should I introduce it?"

Each iteration of Werner's work (of which there've been a veritable plethora over the five decades since its inception following his fateful experience out-of-time  on the Golden Gate Bridge) clearly draws on and leverages the experience discovered in previous iterations. But if that were the only  model accounting for subsequent iterations, it would leave no room for something totally new  to show up. And even my modest familiarity with transformation informs me that truly transformational work, is more likely to fall into the latter category than the former.

With the first public offering of the Mastery Course coming up soon in New York, I'm wondering in which of those two categories it will occur.




I could say "I told you so, Laurence!" ... but I won't.

The Sixth Question

"As the breakthrough of the est Training was unleashed in confronting 'You are a machine!', what creates the space for the breakthrough of the Mastery Course?"

This is actually a great  question (don't mind me if I compliment myself) and yet I do have a consideration about it. It's great because it's pertinent, because it's relevant, because it's current, and because frankly it's a question whose answer many people want to know. And my consideration about it, is that it models itself on the past, something which in these Conversations For Transformation, simply doesn't make the absolute best, maximum use of what's available here ie of what's possible.




I'll stop talking now. The less I say about this ie the less I impose in the way of / on top of / in addition to your own discovery of what Werner's speaking here, the better. If you really get what he's pointing at ie if you really get what Werner's distinguishing  so that it comes alive for you, it'll rock your world. And more.

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