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At This Very Moment

San Rafael, California, USA

July 13, 2009

At this very moment it's sunrise somewhere, a wave is breaking on a deserted beach, lightning is striking a dune fusing sand into glass, three plant species and five animal species have become extinct, a rugby game in Gauteng South Africa is ending in a draw, a man is a cup of flour short for a cake he's baking and has to go across the street to borrow one from his neighbor, a woman drinking vodka in a bar doesn't realize she's over the DUI limit, the international space station is completing another orbit, nothing is happening in the Sahara desert, thousands of gallons of water are melting off the polar icecaps, traffic conditions aren't getting any easier on the New Jersey Turnpike, the captain is announcing "You're free to walk about the cabin" on a transatlantic American Airlines flight, a leaf is blowing over a cornfield in Kansas, salmon are spawning in a New Zealand stream, there's a snowstorm making commuters late for work, a woman is licking a stamp in a post office in Des Moines, a store is being robbed in a Detroit suburb, a child is born in Iceland with no complications, a rock pool on Ibiza is filling with water and there's no one there to see it, another ten newspapers are switching from printed media to online, a football field sized area of the Amazon rainforest is now lumber and bundled firewood, an aircraft is landing at Dallas / Fort Worth, factory workers are clocking in, the warranty on an IBM laptop computer is expiring, showgirls are changing costumes entre-act  in Las Vegas, there's a call for "Clean up on aisle five!"  in a Wal~Mart in San Diego, popcorn popping in a microwave in a suburb of Tokyo has slowed to no popping, rain water is eroding a phone wire connection which will soon fail, a bee has left one flower but hasn't yet arrived at the next in search of pollen, a homeless person lies passed out in an alley, light from a supernova explosion billions of years ago is heading toward Earth at one hundred and eighty six thousand miles a second and won't arrive for a another few hundred years, millions and millions of dollars are being spend on ammunition, four ants are hatching from their eggs, Starbucks is closing fifty outlets and opening fifty five more, a drop of dew is forming on a nasturtium leaf, two children are working on their math homework, Old Faithful is erupting, Johnny doesn't want to get up and go to school, a traffic light is changing from red to green at an intersection in Sydney Australia but there's no cars on the road to take advantage of it, birds are covered in oil after diving unknowingly through a spill off the coast of Greece, the Dow Jones index is up a point, month old puppies are shredding a pillow throwing feathers everywhere while their owner is out, the teacher's nails accidentally scrape the chalkboard setting her pupils on edge, a man is buying an airline ticket on the internet, a teenager is getting his first speeding citation, a hunter is reloading his rifle, a brewing tropical storm is ruffling the ocean's surface off the coast of Cuba, fresh paint is drying on a farmhouse in Kenya, your right index fingernail is growing one millimicron longer, clouds are forming around a mountain top in Venezuela, a telemarketer is leaving a message on an answering machine, a Beatles song is playing on a Golden Oldies  radio station, lots of people are hoping they've won the lottery, it's "Last orders!"  in a pub in Essex, the universe is expanding, the woman on the train nobody smiled at is now home, a shooting star brilliantly flames out but can't be seen because it's daytime, water from a recycling plant is being drunk for the fourteenth time, a cigarette smoker is grinding his butt out with his boot heel, a football coach is having his ear pierced, a woman in Beijing is trying out a new mascara, a mountain brook babbles carrying leaves around pebbles, three nuns are praying silently in a chapel, a boy and a girl are losing their virginity behind a haystack in Idaho, a bucking bronco has just tossed his rider, a man in Africa has just died of AIDS, a commuter's right front tire is about to go flat on Route 66, small pieces of space junk are burning up re-entering the atmosphere, a spider is spinning a web in the eaves of a hut in Jamaica, ink is drying on a handwritten love letter, life is turning out just as it's always been turning out exactly as it should, the umpteenth  rerun of a Looney Tunes Porky Pig  cartoon is ending with "Th-th-th-that's all, Folks!"  at this very moment.

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