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Don't Fix Me: Remind Me

Cowboy Cottage, East Napa, California, USA

March 22, 2023

"There's what there is to deal with, and then there's my complaint about what there is to deal with. And what I'm noticing is the latter counts for nothing." ... Laurence Platt

This essay, Don't Fix Me: Remind Me, is the companion piece to

I talk with a lot of people. I don't mean only in passing. I mean as an integral act on my part. It's where I get most of this material from. I don't mean idle chit-chat either, and neither do I mean filling the silence with noise. I mean there's something in what just about everyone speaks that's valuable. I listen it in what Werner speaks which for me is the raison d'etre  of the body of work on this Conversations For Transformation website. Still more of what's spoken with value originates from the ordinary, average "Joe the Buddhas" whom I listen willingly. I'm a listener for just about anyone. "About what?" you may ask.

At the heart of the matter, you speak how living / being alive occurs for you. And in listening what that's like for you, I grasp another facet of what it's like for me. You speak how your life is for you. You speak what it's like to be a human being from your perspective (everyone has their own unique perspective of that, yes?). You speak less of what you do and more of how you be. And even more than how you be, you share what being is like  for you. It's not really surprising that the experience of being for human beings is unique for (yet common to) everyone. I love it that you share, that you just can't wait  to share!

Let's face it: this particular conversation is the only game in town. We all already know chit-chat is simply the avoidance of intimacy, but we just don't tell the truth that we already know it. So we pretend no one else knows it either. What else, what other conversation is more valuable to be in, more worthwhile being in than one which fleshes out the possibility of being for human beings? Look: if you can't come up with one, I suggest maybe just maybe it's because there isn't one. And as a contradistinction, Monday-morning-quarterbacking of the weekend game is a weak substitute (it simply doesn't cut the mustard).

To be sure, there's some value, some companionship in being with people and talking about important things, consequential things, Monday-morning things. But those aren't the kinds of conversations I'm referring to. Indeed we all have our own measurements for what's important and what's consequential, and we all have our own opinion about them. But hey! we each have our own nose too. Each of us has a nose - and so what?! The truth is we have less coin in the world of opinion than we 'fess up to. It's no big deal to have a nose. Ditto for an opinion. The thing to get is transformation isn't a function of opinions.

No, the kinds of conversations I'm referring to are those in which we get to discover the being of who we each really are. Those (we all know) are the truly good conversations. And the truly great  conversations are those in which we get to discover who we all  really are collectively, and what's possible for who we all really are collectively. In this regard, I don't want new politics for the world. Seriously. Yes I do vote. But what I want for the world is transformation. Without transformation, voting is just a gesture / a more-of-the-same  gesture (even though it may be the best gesture we have). Without transformation, politics will never be enough. I don't stand for new, better politics. I stand for transformation ie who we are collectively. There! That's  ego-mania for you!

I don't want to fix the world. I want to remind it what (and who) it is. I don't want to fix you. If you want me to, I'll remind you who (and what) you are. Likewise, I don't want you to fix me. If I sound like I need fixing, don't. Instead, remind me who I am. That's where it all begins. Without it, nothing works.

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