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Faery Cottage

Schramsberg Estate, Calistoga, California, USA

July 2, 2006

This essay, Faery Cottage, is the third in a septology on Homes:
  1. In The Face Of Commitment
  2. Stellenberg Avenue
  3. Faery Cottage
  4. Creekside Cabin
  5. A House On Franklin Street
  6. Stripping It Down To The Studs
  7. The Amazing Cowboy Cottage
in that order.

I am indebted to Katryn Jehane Price who inspired this conversation.

Over a tiny perfect arched wooden bridge straight from a willow pattern plate, I stroll seduced into the beckoning green glade where spirits of gypsies dance and play by her faery cottage.

Under wind chimes and prayer flags she takes me in through newly glazed doors whose panes are her openness, whose latch is her secrecy. She makes me breakfast, blending ingredients in pottery bowls with a big wooden spoon while the cat with green eyes looks on. She's not simply a chef. She's an alchemist. She's not just a fixer. She's a healer. One brush of her fingertips and you're alive. One touch of her lips and you're gone.

She's a goddess of transformation at whose feet I sit offering distinctions I custom build for her in the moment with my words. Hot strong coffee and french toast with blueberries are sacraments at her altar. Sunbeams leap and split through prisms and quartz, painting moving rainbows on her morning walls, framing her alluring smiles with soft lightning. She can't tell me fast enough how her life is going. Words spill from her generous mouth, lilting, babbling and tripping like water meandering through a cool pebbly brook. She's as amazed by the cosmic benevolence she represents as she is by the day to day events in her own personal drama. She considers herself blessed. I consider her smart - very  smart.

Putting her hands on a musical instrument which looks as if it's not made on this planet, she strums and sings in rich dulcet tones, the warm honey and melted chocolate in her voice opening me to a new world of music I haven't heard before where language as song transcends physicality. I'm mesmerized by this beautiful Glinda. I'm entranced by the spells she casts. I let tears come shamelessly as my fingers seek something solid to anchor on with which to respond. They find a carved wooden chest (and who knows  what this angelic Pandora keeps in it ...) on which they're now tapping out a bass line to the cascades of golden notes she pulls from the strings which touches me as closely as if she were combing my hair. Her acoustic balms calm me. The savage beast is soothed.

Draped outside us and all over us like a woodland friar's robe, the faery cottage has no sharp edges, no predictable shape. It's all exciting nooks and places. Its wooden shingle walls are its bare, pleasantly callused skin, its asymmetrical windows its eyes. A bent chimney flue extends and juts from its roof as if it's pensively smoking a pipe like an Andean matriarch. I sense and respond to its sylphan feminine energy which draws me to it with a gentle magnetism I don't understand yet I accept and allow. It makes me want to draw back her covers and look on her nakedness. The faery cottage seems to breathe - sighing sensually in the cool breeze. Its walls seem to move ever so gently in response to my flat handed touch ... or it is just my imagination?

In this place is cessation of all conflict. Here's where peace is a tangible possibility. In this place is grace alive. Here's where living the fabulous is simply a matter of choosing to. In this place is heaven for the asking. Here's where we're each god in our universe ... and there's only one universe.

In this place, spirit isn't merely spoken about. In this place, spirit is the spoken word itself, served by happy laughter like Pocahontas, carefully mentored by gentleness like Tigerlily. In this place, in the environs of this faery cottage, is anything and everything for those willing enough to allow their eyes to see what could be, and for those daring enough to allow their spirits to become what's possible.

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