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It Doesn't Mean Anything!

Troy, Michigan, USA

February 18, 2002

This essay, It Doesn't Mean Anything!, is the companion piece to
  1. People Make Up The Darndest Things
  2. It's Only Significant If I Say So
in that order.

We make choices. We draw conclusions. We believe that what we know is right. We add meaning to Life. Then we assume that the meaning we add to Life is the meaning of Life.

But Life has no meaning. It just is. It doesn't mean anything.

Don't believe anything I say. I - for one - do not believe in belief. Rather, try on what I say for size. And if it fits, wear it; else toss it out.

The difference between an untransformed person and a transformed person is an untransformed person lives out of a fixed set of decisions which were laid down at an early age, then they try to make Life fit into whatever they've already decided it means. A transformed person, on the other hand, lives life as a matter of choice, choosing newly moment by moment, over and over again, including choosing what they already got, including choosing what's already so, including choosing to give up what they are now for what they could become.

There's nothing to get. It doesn't mean anything. It's empty and meaningless. And it's empty and meaningless that it's empty and meaningless. Making it mean something that it's empty and meaningless is more inauthenticity.

Looking from that vantage point, what you are committed to?

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