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Living A Worthwhile Life

Black Stallion, Napa Valley, California, USA

March 15, 2015

This essay, Living A Worthwhile Life, was written at the same time as

There's something I'd like to say about what it is to transform our lives, which allows for living a worthwhile  life (and consider if we aren't living life transformed, we're living life as tubes  ie we live as survival machines). If I articulate it well (that is, if I say it with the appropriate emphasis), it'll be something which you can look at and choose (or not) freely. Said right, there'll be freedom in it - like an opportunity on which you can pass, or into which you can step at will with no pressure to do either.

First, a suggestion - my guide for listening any conversation for transformation: when you listen any conversation for transformation, don't listen as if it's "The Truth".

Now be careful. I'm not suggesting you listen transformation as if it's a lie. That's not what I mean. What I'm suggesting is those people speaking transformation who are worth listening, won't speak transformation as if it's "The Truth". Why's that? Because speaking transformation as if it's "The Truth" just plain doesn't work. That's why. Well ... why  doesn't it work? And furthermore, if it isn't workable listening transformation as "The Truth", then what is  workable when listening transformation?

I'm careful to say whatever I say in this genre, as if it's something to inquire into  like a possibility, like it's something to look at  (or spoken with rigor, like it's a place to look from)  instead of as "The Truth" ie instead of as something to believe. This imposed rigor in my conversations challenges me daily if not hourly. The problem with listening transformation as if it's "The Truth" is it drives transformation out of the realm of experiencing  and into the realm of believing. In the realm of believing there's very little experiencing  - indeed, there's arguably no experiencing at all in believing. Transformation, on the other hand, isn't to be believed (sorry believers, but there isn't any transformation to be gotten by believing ...). You can, however, experience  transformation. Experiencing is the realm in which transformation's thriving.

Now, with all that out in the open and exposed, I'd like to complete saying something about what it is to transform our lives, which allows for living a worthwhile life:

At first glance it would seem there's a dizzying  array of options for living a worthwhile life. And if we were limited to choosing only one  of them, that would be bad news. The good news however, I assert, is this: living a worthwhile life isn't so much limited to one way  of living one kind  of life, but rather it's a context  for living whichever way of life we choose to live. That said, I invite you to consider that living a worthwhile life is living what you say. Said another way, living a worthwhile life is living while playing in that particular world in which whatever you say, is your life  - or, improving a dated expression, "putting your mouth where your money is".

That is my definition for living a worthwhile life, no matter what option in the dizzying array of options we choose to live life (remember, my definition doesn't work when it's believed as "The Truth"). It's available as a choice for those people who've sought and found out how to live in that particular world in which our word isn't merely what we talk about  in our lives: it's to live in that particular world in which our word is  our life. That's a worthwhile life to live. That's living a worthwhile life.

Living in that particular world in which my word is my life, is what makes it possible. More than that, living in the world in which my word is my life, creates the context for living which makes whichever way of life I choose to live, worthwhile. So when I float "living a worthwhile life" as a possibility, listen my emphasis on "living"  like a context, rather than on "a life"  like only one way to live. It's living from a context of "my word is my life" which makes any way of life I've chosen to live, worthwhile.

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